The Way Dementia Affects Physical Health

The Way Dementia Affects Physical Health


A lot of people grasp the idea that dementia is identified by decreased mental abilities, but it's relevant to know that physical side effects occur with this condition. If someone you know suffers from dementia, noticeable changes in talks walks and moves will occur that you will notice if you watch carefully and they might be a reason for you to consult their doctor for advice. In order to understand how physical health is affected by dementia scroll down and keep on reading.

Signs of dementia and how to treat it

Dementia affects a person's physical health differently. In some cases physical changes occur after an individual has been diagnosed with dementia and in other cases they come before the diagnosis. Some of the side effects of dementia are the following:

  • Balance loss
  • Miscoordination
  • Dragging one foot while waling
  • Difficult to stand up after sitting down
  • Muscle weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Not being able to fall asleep or maintain sleeping
  • Twitches that can't be controlled
  • Seizures
  • Chewing and swallowing food problems

If someone you know has signs of these side effects, give him courage to talk to his doctor and give him support by being with him at the appointment. The doctor will give a valuable advice or he will prescribe him medication that is going to help.

Sometimes as dementia progresses the side effects will get worse. Keep an eye to notice changes because people who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's are debilitated and cannot take care of themselves. If you notice a person you know suffers from dementia, it will be good if you take them to a memory care facility in order for them to get a professional help that they need from someone who understands dementia very well.

Why should dementia be treated earlier

As dementia progresses in its later stages, other problems with the health will surface. It will happen because of a weakened immune system and infections such as pneumonia may develop. At this stage injuries and falls are also very likely to happen so the individual is going to need care.

If someone you know suffers from dementia, it is highly relevant that the both of you understand how it affects physical health. It is highly reccommended that you talk these things out with a person who suffers from this desease early on. It is understandable that you will find it difficult to discuss about this topic with them but it is very important because you may find a better solution and hear them out about how they want to be taken cared of.

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Petar Jangelovski
Petar Jangelovski

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