A choice between assisted living and senior living

A choice between assisted living and senior living


According to a recent survey, the percentage of the US citizens faced with the choice of giving their loved ones to assisted living or senior living is 95%. To choose between the both types of living, you will need to carry out an in depth study on what has each type of living has to offer.

Moving from home after retirement can bring a major change in the lifestyle of seniors, where the primary considerations could be investment of money and time and safety features. The choice between assisted living and senior living can be at times bewildering, with assisted living communities, providing appealing convenience and amenities that could be the right ones for any senior. Although assisted living, senior living and retirement home are categorized as independent living, assisted living communities are offering exclusive amenities that are changing the lives of seniors, where hands on help is readily available when it comes to shopping, cooking and household chores. These facilities are ideally suited for those requiring assistance in their daily activities such as:

  • bathing
  • moving
  • dressing
  • other day to day activities

assisted living vs senior living


Residents have their own choice of living in communities

Whether it is an apartment or a one bedroom space. Meals are usually served in a common space where seniors can enjoy the company of others. Round the clock monitoring is provided by trained and skilled medical staff, with nurses available on call for administering medications and providing any help as and when the situation demands.

Thousands of acres of land are being handed over to the real estate investment companies for the development of assisted living communities and at the same time, large numbers of funding firms are showing their interest in such investment. Growing numbers of building units are being opened for offering elders the comfort and security in independent living with three meals being served each day and personal care being the prime consideration. Many places in the US like Long Island  and California are becoming popularized by assisted living communities that have exclusive facilities to offer to senior citizens of the country. Brooklyn is witnessing a boom in elderly living communities. With aging boomers seeking a life of their own personalized to their style of living, assisted living communities are offering a resort style living that have a vibe that resembles a country club. Thanks to the real estate developers who have taken an initiative in popularizing assisted livng for elders.


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