To honor the memory of veteran Paul Bauer

To honor the memory of veteran Paul Bauer


53- year veteran of the forces Paul Bauer with 31 years of service in the forces was shot Tuesday in the performance of duty. He received several shots as a result of which later died, according to police chief Eddie Johnson. On Saturday morning, thousands of people gathered in front of the Roman Catholic Church "Nativity" which held the funeral service to show their grief. On the steps of the church Erin - Bauer's wife and his daughter Grace, who is 13 years old, accepted condolences from friends and police officers. The officer Captain Mel Roman and John Escalante police Northeastern University in Illinois, retired from office in 2016, sent a condolence note to the family.

veteran of the forces Paul Bauer

Funeral procession passed from Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago to the cemetery "St. Tomb "in honor of the slain officer and his family, as it involved a sea of officers in uniform and many locals.

Bauer was shot and killed after committing a suspect near Thompson downtown in downtown Chicago on Tuesday. A police officer patrolling the Thompson Center has noticed a suspicious person and reported it. An officer contacted the suspect, but he managed to escape. Bauer notices the suspect and takes him, but he was shot several times, Johnson said at the police press conference.

Immediately, Bauer was taken to the Northwest Hospital, where he was later declared dead. Bauer's body was exported from the Northwest Hospital under a convoy of policemen waiting in the office of the medical expert.

His coffin, located at the front of the church, was decorated with pictures and memories.

At the funeral, police chief Ed Johnson spoke about the murdered policemen in different communities and the various circumstances that led to the deaths of the police.

 In his speech, Johnson praises Bauer as "one of the good guys." In the course of his "remarkable career," Bauer fulfills his duties with "calm sincerity, professionalism and kindness," he said.

 The murdered officer never allowed his rank to stop him from being a "street policeman at heart," Johnson added. And on the day he was killed, "he just did what naturally happened."

"As police officers, each one of us takes an oath to serve and defend with impartiality, we know the dangers are there," Johnson said. "Still, we leave our homes every day and our families, and we run to the danger, Paul does not just run for danger, he runs into it, and he makes the final sacrifice for all of us," he said.

Bauer's first friend, John Escalate, told him about his friendship with him and his dedication to his family. He has never gone to work for praise or rewards. Erin and Grace are all the most important in his life.

Chicago Mayor Rahan Emanuel, who also spoke, said the killed officer "embodies the best of Chicago."

 Bauer's funeral was the third one this week for murdered police officers.


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