Lung disease epidemic linked with Vaping or E-cigarette usage

Lung disease epidemic linked with Vaping or E-cigarette usage


The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) along with other public and clinical departments for health are looking into the epidemical outbreak of lung disease linked with e-cigarette products (refill pods, liquids and devices)

Essential facts related to Vaping or E-Cigarette usage

• Vapes are basically Electronic cigarettes such as vape pens, electronic delivery systems (ENDS) or e-hookahs

• Vaping is so-called usage of an e-cigarette product

• The way E-cigarettes work is the following: A person inhales a liquid that produces an aerosol into his lungs

• This liquid contains: oils, cannabinoid (CBD), nicotine, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other additives and substances

Things we know about lung illnesses

• 380 cases have been reported from 36 states to suffer from lung disease, and 6 states have reported six deaths

• E-cigarette or vaping is the main reason for the reports

• Majority of the patients claimed to have used e-cigarette products that contain THC. Most patients reported using nicotine and THC and some of them only used nicotine-containing products

Things we don't know about lung illness

• We are not yet fully confident about what specifically causes the illnesses. E-cigarette usage or vaping substances linked to the cases have not been identified by the investigation

What does CDC recommend

• Meanwhile, CDC has released some recommendations for health departments, healthcare providers and the public as well

• If you are worried about health risks, CDC recommends that you stop using e-cigarettes or vaping products until more is known

• Adults who are trying to implement the usage of e-cigarettes as means to quit smoking are not advised to return to smoking cigarettes

• If you are currently using an e-cigarette and these symptoms show up, consider talking with your healthcare provider

• Despite the ongoing investigation

• People who use vaping products or e-cigarettes should avoid buying them from the streets, and should not add or modify substances that are not intended by the manufacturer

• Young people should refrain from using e-cigarette products

• Pregnant woman are also advised not to use e-cigarette products

• Adults who have never before used tobacco are also not advised to start using e-cigarette products

Latest Lung Disease outbreak information related with Electronic Cigarettes

• 380 cases of lung disease linked with the usage of e-cigarette products have been reported to CDC as of September 11, 2019 from the following streets and one U.S territory: USVI, AR, WV, WI, OH, OR, SC, SD, CA, CT, CO, FL, NC, ID, IL, KS, MI, NM, DE, GA, HI, IA, ID, KY, and the numbers may frequently change

• Six deaths were confirmed in Indiana, California, Kansas, Oregon, Minnesota and Illinois

• CDC created a case definition by working with states to classify the confirmed and probable cases in a very accurate way. State investigators have the last say if cases are probable or confirmed after a thorough examination of the medical records belonging to the suspect and by consulting the clinical care team to eliminate other possible causes of the illness. These cases unlike nationally reportable conditions require clinicians and public health professionals that will determine the usage of the product and individual behaviors by interviewing patients

• As soon as states finalize their classification of cases, CDC is going to report the number of probable and confirmed cases

• States are currently classifying the cases. Clinicians and states are expected to possibly look back for older cases based on CDC's case definition

Not all cases are linked to using e-cigarettes or vaping with lung disease

• Every single one of the patients has used e-cigarettes but the infectious cause has not been yet discovered Therefore the cause suspected is chemical

• A lot of the patients claimed to have used THC containing products such as e-cigarettes. And many of them have reported using nicotine and THC. In some cases patients have reported to have used e-cigarette products containing only nicotine
• Not all cases have been linked to e-cigarettes or vaping nor have these products been linked to lung disease in patients
• Reports that were initially published from the investigation are pointing to clinical similarities among the cases. Patients who reported to have used e-cigarettes had similar symptoms and clinical findings. These are aligned with the CDC health advisory which was released on August 30, 2019

• The investigations are still in progress. CDC will shed light on the matter as soon as more information is gathered

* Possible cases under investigation by states was the reason why the previous case count was higher. However, the current number includes probable and confirmed cases reported by states to CDC after classification.

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