Motiv’s Fitness Ring Now Works with Android Devices

Motiv’s Fitness Ring Now Works with Android Devices


If you have been looking for a fitness tracker that is not quite as obvious as the rest, but you do not have an iPhone to go with the Motiv fitness ring, your dream may have just become a reality. According to TechCrunch, the small health monitoring ring now works with Android mobile devices and phones.

The Motiv fitness ring is a small and unobtrusive titanium ring that fits in just the same way as a traditional ring. Rather than wearing a clunky watch or other fitness tracking device, you can now monitor your heart rate and more inconspicuously and without clashing with most outfits.

Hey, sometimes fashion and health really can be combined! If you do not know your ring size, don’t worry. The company can send you a ring sizing kit, so you can test the various sizes they offer and find the right fit before making a purchase.

The device, which previously only worked with Apple products, uses an accelerometer and a heart rate monitor to measure your steps, the distance you have traveled, the approximate number of calories you have burned, your active as well as resting heart rate, and even your sleep time. Many people may feel uncomfortable wearing a watch to bed at night to monitor rest hours but may be more familiar with wearing a ring during sleep. This can mean more accurate records and helpful information collected if the device stays on longer than wristwatch health trackers would. It’s actually really impressive what the ring can do while being such a small piece of technology.


The Motiv fitness ring does have its limitations when compared to larger devices. There is no display on it (that is what a connection with your Android or iPhone is for), and the battery is small. However, it is a great option for getting started with fitness tracking without committing to a larger device.

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