A Kitchen-Free Home Isn’t Too Far Away

A Kitchen-Free Home Isn’t Too Far Away


The advances being made in food service technology will allow for robots and delivery services to take over and create a nearly kitchen-free environment for those who can no longer spend a long amount of time on their feet in the kitchen. According to Business Insider, the investment firm UBS suggests that kitchens will eventually be abandoned for takeout food that will be delivered by robots and drones.

This could potentially mean that seniors will no longer have to worry as much about preparing their next meal or getting to the store to buy additional groceries. If healthy food options are offered, it may allow the freedom to live independently longer and decrease the amount of stress loved ones can feel when worrying about an older family member.

The idea behind the technology is to make eating fun and less expensive, but there may be additional benefits. Ordering out may seem like it will cost more. However, it can save you in time and money, especially when compared to the price of a nursing home.

Having the freedom to choose what you want to eat allows for more control in life, without having to worry about the mess or risk of spending time in the kitchen. This can boost confidence and allow for a level of independence that might not otherwise be possible.

We all know food brings people together, but it can also be quite stressful—allergies, medications preventing you from eating certain things, and having certain food preferences can limit what we eat. With these new advances in technology, you can pick and choose suitable meals, and they will be delivered to your door in a timely manner.


With a proper structure, this could be the start of the development of automated meal production and delivery. It will be made to serve every type of person needs and eliminate stress over food because no one should have to worry about eating. 

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