How To Build A Sense Of Community Between The Generations

How To Build A Sense Of Community Between The Generations


How can students and elderly people aged 80 to 90 create a community?

This is already a fact. The Welcome Center, housed in the Leeds pub, is now attended by high school students Ralph Thoresby to meet in a table-tennis game with members of the club, most of whom are 80-90 years old. This is part of a program to unite the generations and build a sense of community.

The Silk District in Tenchi, Northwest Leeds is one of the least favored areas in England.

Josh is a student at the nearby Ralph Thoresby High School. Here comes to play tennis with the elderly. Here's what he says: "I'm completely confused! Not only does the man have all these awesome bizarre servos, but I just realized that Betty is 81 years older than me. "

Hatten, a former Penguin Knicks employee, laughs at Josh's reaction to his 103th birthday. She says, "It's good when young people come to the center, they're like a breath of fresh air."

The organization behind the opening of this center is Opal, founded in 2002. It helps to improve the well-being of the elderly in this area. 100 volunteers are teamed up and provide services to more than 700 elderly people.

Opal's CEO Alice Rodos explains: "Older people can easily be scared of young people, and young people often perceive the elderly as crude or boring." These negative stereotypes are overcome very quickly when different age groups The increased social contact between different age groups creates a stronger community in which people know each other and take care of one another. "

According to the study, it is estimated that 9 million people feel isolated on a regular basis - especially if they are adults or disabled.

Last year, Garfield Weston Foundation and other charities, backed by Leeds Rings' team of Rugby Leaders, raised funds and turned a pub into a communications center.

The center has a café, exercise room, therapeutic halls, a place for lunch and organizes regular excursions aimed at people over 55 years of age. For young people in the area, there is a popular youth cafe and weekly DJ evenings.

Older people from the center also visit local primary schools to teach knitting and reading, and schools are organizing Opal Fundraising events.

Will Carr, School Director Ralph Thoresby says, "I have no problem letting kids learn to come here because what they get is huge in terms of learning social skills and changing their preconceptions towards the older generation. "

Local residents are panicked when they see groups of teenagers gathering around the Chitalishte and calling the police. But now they are pleased that a pub has been turned into a community center.

Opal's achievements are highly appreciated by the Birmingham Advisory Panel.

Josh is pleased to become a better tennis player, and Derrick Cole, 90, after a 55-year break, is playing tennis again: "It takes me to my youth when I was 10 or 11 years old."

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