Why is the fenugreek herb useful for your health? 

Fenugreek seeds are a source of galactomannan, which makes fenugreek an effective remedy against cardiovascular problems. Fenugreek intake reduces the risk of heart attack, and thanks to its rich in potassium content, fenders control blood pressure and favor normal heart rhythm.

Fenugreek has been known to humans since the times of the Old World before our era. The ancient Egyptians and Hindus used it to help the mothers in their countries. The old Greeks have used the plant before sporting competitions. The ancient Romans used the herb for endurance during long military campaigns.


 Today fenugreek is widespread in Asia, North Africa and Europe. Fenugreek grows in sunny meadows and prefers damp soils.


The flowering period of the plant is May - June. The seeds of the fruit and THE leaves of the herb are used as a medicine and a spice.

Fenugreek contains: vitamins A, B6 and C, sodium, potassium, calciumironmagnesium, saturated fats, proteins, ballasts and others.

In medicine, fenugreek is used for the treatment of diabetes, impotence, chronic fatigue, spleen diseases, gout. It also applies to anorexia, arteriosclerosis, flu, skin warts, constipation, cancer, etc. Fenugreek does not contain cholesterol.

We offer you some ideas for using fenugreek:

1. To relieve dysmenorrhea - 1 - 3 grams of seed powder is taken twice a day by women during the first three days of the menstrual cycle;
2. To treat warts on the skin externally apply a leaf paste on the affected areas;

3. Seed meal can be used as a coffee substitute.
The use of the herb by pregnant women is not recommended.

As we mentioned, the fenugreek is used as a spice. Fenugreek spice is part of the Bulgarian malt salt, using the dried and powdered leaves of the plant. The green leaves of the plant are used to garnish potato dishes. The fenugreek's sprouts are edible.

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Leo G. Anderson

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