What is assisted living facilities

What is assisted living facilities


Peter got a job for which he had to leave his home where his 70 years old mother stayed with him. He was worried about the safe custody of his mother and spent some sleepless nights till one of his friend suggested him to give his mother to an assisted living community, where he could live independently, being assisted by trained staff of the concerned assisted living facility in his daily activities. Peter started searching for an assisted living facility near his home and finding one, inquired about what is assisted living facilities that his mother could avail at a cost that could be well within his budget. Here is the information he gathered, which prompted him to take an informed decision about choosing an assisted living facility for his mother.

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To start the day, she would receive assistance in bathing and washing her clothes if any, followed by helping her with preparing breakfast, and all that within an ambience that resembles more or less her own residence. She had a choice of selecting among various types of accommodation that included one bedroom, two bedroom and an apartment where she could live independently. Other facilities provided by the assisted living facility included assistance in preparing meals, timely medication, transportation and helping her to participate in communal activities. In fact, assisted living could be the best option for the care of senior persons and those who are partially impaired to live by themselves without any help from others. The basic facilities can be outlined as follows.

• Security and supervision for 24 hours – Round the clock monitoring of the house premises and supervising the daily requirements.

• Basic housekeeping – services that are required on a daily, weekly or less frequent basis.

• Daily meals – helping in preparing or arranging daily meals

• Exercise and health programs – Following up on exercise and health programs as advised.

• Transportation – Arranging transportation to visit places as and when required, like attending the church masses, visiting a library or even visiting a friend or a relative living nearby.

• Laundry – providing laundry services as and when required.

• Access to medical care services – providing assistance for getting access to medical care, whether at the facility or at a nursing care unit. This includes assistance during emergency like calling a doctor or taking the patient to a medical care center.

• Social programs – providing assistance in participating in social programs.

Being satisfied with the information about what is assisted living facilities that her mother could enjoy, Peter had no hesitation in choosing an assisted livng facility near his home.

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Sholem Berkowitz

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