4 Unconventional Methods of Easing Depression

4 Unconventional Methods of Easing Depression


If you think that treating depression is something that’s akin to a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, you’re sadly mistaken. For quite a few people who suffer from this malady, it can take trial and error and many weeks, months, and even years to find the treatment that’ll work for them. Often, this will be a combination of antidepressants and therapy.

However, when it comes to depression help, it can also take quite a bit of time just to work through whatever happens to be bothering you. A lot of us are dealing with unfinished business in our lives. However, while you’re working that out, adding an unconventional sort of therapy to whatever treatment plan you might be on can be helpful. Here’s a quick look at some of the more unconventional approaches that you might consider trying.

Massage Therapy

This one is used by nursing homes to help elderly patients both with pain and to relieve a bit of stress and depression. Massage therapy offers quite a few benefits to those who use it. It can reduce fatigue and improve sleep, lessen constipation and feelings of nausea, and improve your immune system.

Art Therapy

If you’re ready to allow your creative juices to flow, art therapy might be the thing for you. Artistic expression can allow people to connect with their feelings of depression as well as the underlying causes of it on a deeper level. There are quite a few therapists who’ve been trained in both therapy and art. The healing arts might include things like sculpting, painting, drawing, or any other creative sort of expression, such as writing, dance, drama, or even music therapy. This approach allows people to connect with their feelings of guilt, shame, or anger from trauma and can bring a bit of relief for depression.

Animal Therapy

At times, when you’re having sad feelings, the best friend you can have is one with four legs, a wet nose, and fur. In fact, animal therapy, or spending time with animals, has the ability to assist people with relaxing and feeling more at ease with things like emotional distress, especially when it comes to patients who’re vulnerable, like children suffering from autism or elderly dementia patients. This type of therapy has even had recognition from the National Institute of Mental Health for being a sort of psychotherapy that can be used to treat depression along with other types of mood disorders. However, it bears keeping in mind that therapy animals undergo specific training with their handlers and can provide patients with more relief than the typical house pet.

Puppet Therapy

Did you see the 2011 Mel Gibson movie The Beaver? It’s a movie about a man who uses a toy beaver to help him while he’s amid the throes of being depressed. You may have wondered if this might really work. In actuality, stuffed animals, dolls, and puppets can play a major role in therapy regardless of your age. It can be easier for someone to play or talk with a puppet than it can be to converse with people. Even when you know it’s simply make-believe, you can still go with it and find relief.

So, there you have it. Massage therapy, art therapy, animal therapy, and puppet therapy. All of these might seem a bit unconventional, but they all have helpful properties when it comes to dealing with depression. This is just a small sample of the unconventional methods of dealing with depression. Take a look around. You might be surprised at what can help you.

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