Four things senior people want when they grow older

Four things senior people want when they grow older


Senior people deserve the highest level of respect for they sacrifice their lives for their children and family. Growing old is a tough situation in this day and age when people have distanced themselves from each other to a great extent. Gone are the days when young members of the family would sit with their elders and chat for a long time. Technology has encapsulated our lives in a way that it makes difficult for everyone to sit together in one place. If you have senior people in the house, you must know what they want at this age. Keep in mind their priorities won't be similar to yours so you can never impose your decision on them. In this article, I will tell you about a few things which senior people mostly look forward to when they grow old. Some of which are:

1. Relationships

When a person works his/her entire life, the only thing which becomes the primary need during the ending stages of life is strong relationships. If you want to make sure they stay happy, you must visit them frequently and shower as much love as you can. Don’t try to argue with them on an inconsequential topic. The problem with the millennial generation is they are more aggressive and not willing to give up their take on something. So if you love your grandma, you must spend adequate amounts of time with her.

2. Food

Food is one of the most important elements which pleases human beings. However, you will have to take care of your elder’s diet. Most senior citizens are struck with some issue when they grow old therefore it is crucial to make sure their needs are being fulfilled. If you cook chicken steak someday and your grandpa is a vegetarian, you can present him with a bowl of salad for lunch with maybe corn soup. Secondly, you must take care of their diet routine. Our elders are not like us; they had a scheduled routine at their young age which is why they expect the same when they grow old.

3. Communication

Even if you can't pull out a lot of time from your busy schedule, you must make sure you give them as much time as you can. If the senior person in your house finds it difficult to navigate an android phone you can look for cell phones for seniors online to choose a suitable one which is easy to use. Secondly, talk to them when you get home, make sure you sit with your grandparents for a few minutes and tell them about how amazing your day was. Unfortunately most young people despise sitting with their elders which is why they feel deserted and left out.

4. Financial Security

A lot of seniors don’t have a concrete financial plan close to the last stages of their lives which is why they have to depend on their kids and extended family members. If one of your elders needs assistance with the financial plan, you must help them. Furthermore, if the older adult in your house is still working, you can help them in buying a suitable short term insurance policy to cater for the financial expenses at the later stages of life. Financial insecurity is one of the concrete reasons why a lot of young people have to adjust their parents in nursing homes.


More than anything, senior people deserve to be respected. Keep in mind they sacrifice much of their lives for their children and family, which is why it is the responsibility of the younger ones to make sure they are comfortable with everything in the house.

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