How to Take Care of Your Seniors without Burnout or Stress

How to Take Care of Your Seniors without Burnout or Stress


Eldercare, in one word, is stressful.

Despite that fact, you as a caregiver would leave no stone unturned to give them the best care as possible.

As a result, you must feel tired, irritated and burnout at the end of the day.

Therefore, it’s important to pace yourself. That means you can’t be overly exhausting yourself every day. After all, we are a human being and have some functional limitations related to both mind and body.

Pacing yourself and getting assistance will keep you healthy so you can continue providing great elder care

Here I have shared some important tips for taking care of aging parents at home by minimizing the caregiving burden and stress as well.

How Much Care They Really Need

Don’t feel snowballed under the list of caregiving TO Dos. Instead, figure out the things your aged adult really requires. 

You can create a list of daily, weekly and monthly care tasks to understand how much assistance is required during the day, at night and on weekends. It also helps you find out how much supervision is required and at which times of the day.

It is easy to do. Just set a notepad out and make quick notes every time your elders need your help. After a week, you will have a good overview of what help your elder requires and at what times of the day. To make sure everything is included, be stick with your note-taking to see if there’s any new care requirement they need.

Set Real Expectations

You’re a human being. Going beyond your capabilities can harm your health and mental peace as well. Therefore, find out how much care you can provide without sacrificing your health. Now that you are familiar with the requirements of your seniors, you can find out if that’s something you can do without help. Or maybe glancing over the list makes you realize that you really need help with some requirements.

You need to evaluate how much care you can provide without ending up as an “exhausted and peevish” person. If you take on too much, you will exhaust yourself or develop a critical health condition.

Ask For Help

home care for seniors

The aim of finding caregiving help is to minimize your workload, reduce stress and take a regular break. If you are not able to be available most of the time, it is better to opt for a home caregiver. Besides, there are other ideas such as…

• Getting them enrolled in a day program where they can get socialization and care
• Look for a senior companion program in your area
• Opt for a respite care service to get a longer break
• Subscribe meal delivery service to minimize the number of meals you are required to make
• Ask family or close friends to help in housekeeping, meal prep, and errands.

Share the Caregiving Responsibility

Don’t hesitate to ask relatives or sibling to share the caregiving responsibility so that you can have your share of comfort.

Getting help in this way will be different in every situation. For one person, it might be moving father to the brother's house for a year. Another caregiver and their sibling may take turns living with the mother for 2 months at a time. In some cases, your sister may stay at your house for a week every 2-3 months so that you can take care of other commitments.

Manage Financial Pressure

Caring for a senior can also affect your budget. In this scenario, you should look for minimizing caregiving costs as much as possible. For example, look for some government and private benefits programs that help with their medical bills. Consult an elder law attorney to find out if Medicaid can help you lower caregiving expenses.

So these are the ways you can reduce the caregiving loads and decrease stress as well.

Author Biography: Sofia Fox is a passionate individual who loves to write about trending topics related to senior’s health and parenting .She is a born traveler. She started her career in 2001 as a freelancer, and now she is working as a General Manager in Affinity Home Care.

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