Senior couples aging in place together

Senior couples aging in place together


Even though senior living can sometimes be stressful, couples who spent all their life together don’t want to be separated. However many senior couples don’t know that a lot of senior living communities offer options for seniors who want to live together. To make the right decision when choosing a senior living community, couples need to consider both of their needs. Before you begin the process you need to know a few things such as:

1. Being proactive

Seniors should consider whether they should move into a new community or still stay at home for a few years while they’re still healthy. For example will you consider moving into an independent living community if in five years both of you are still independent in taking care of yourselves and don’t need assistance. But what if one of you is independent and the other one needs care, or maybe both of you need care. Make sure to share your plans with your family so they aren’t surprised when you decide to ask them for help.

2. Pay attention to both of your needs

Even though you are a couple, both of you has individual interests and needs, so before you assess what type of a senior living environment works best for you, find out what are each of your needs in terms of health and lifestyle. If you like to be exposed to plenty of social events, but your wife doesn’t want that pressure of social interaction, or if you want exercise classes and physical activities, but your wife is not as fit as you is the reason why you should consider an accommodation which offers options important for both of you.

3. Be aware of changes in lifestyle

It is important to get the care you need in a senior living facility, but you should be aware that changes will come to your living environment. For example if you’re in an assisted living home, and your spouse needs care, staff will come over to take care of her on regular basis. You may have to downsize in order to adjust to the size of your new space, and get to know neighbors in your new community. In order to better understand the changes you will be exposed to, you need to visit as much senior living facilities as you can.

4. Compromise

No matter for how long you’ve been married, it can be difficult to compromise when it comes down to choosing an appropriate senior living facility for both of you. One of you might be ready to move but the other one might hesitate. Or one of you might need a higher level of care, and the other one may still be independent. You have to understand that it is more important to enjoy a healthy life together than to pursue living conditions that suit the both of you.

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Petar Jangelovski
Petar Jangelovski

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