5 Tips for sell your home without an agent

5 Tips for sell your home without an agent


Selling a home is not an easy feat to do, even when you have professional and experienced real estate agents to help you. It's even tougher when you attempt to do it by yourself. That's not to say it can't be done. Below are a couple of tips that might come useful when you're listing your home by yourself without the help of an agent.

1. Ready your home

Even before you announce to the world that you're putting your home up for sale, you first have to get it ready for the listing. This includes cleaning it, repairing what needs to be repairing, and upgrading anything necessary to make it more appealing to buyers. The main goal is to make it easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the house. To make this happen, make sure you remove any signs that someone else is living in the house. Remove pictures or small decorative trinkets and hide them away. Take this opportunity to clear stuff you won't be taking with you on your move by either giving them away or donating them.

2. Be realistic on the price

The main reason people work with an agent in selling their house is that agents don't have personal attachments to the home and therefore won't make the mistake of overestimating its worth. If you plan on doing the sale yourself, you have to be realistic with the price. Research your area and how much the value of the real estate is. Inspect your house and see its current condition. These, and other factors, all add up to a reasonable price for the property.

3. Advertise your property

A key weapon in a real estate agent’s arsenal is advertisements, both print and digital. For a homeowner doing the selling by themselves, it helps if they're able to get the word around their property is up for sale. Printed media might mean spending a couple of hundred bucks but there is always the cost-effective option of sharing the property online. Social media is a great way to let people know the property is up for sale and you can even share pictures on its exterior and interior.

4. Be descriptive with your listing

In listing your property for sale, you have to be very descriptive. Include pictures of both the interior and exterior of the house. A helpful tip would be to get a professional photographer to do the photos to make the listing more legit and as appealing as possible. But don't just rely on the pictures; also include all the necessary information like price, age of the house, location, the number of rooms and bedrooms, as well as bathrooms. You can also include any improvements done to the property like a water heater or a new roof.

5. Contact a home investor company

If you are in a bind and need to let go of your house quickly, then you're better off selling your house to a home investor company. Companies like Dallas Home Buyers will gladly take over possession of a property in exchange for cash. And most of these companies work fast, too. Homeowners are able to sell their property in less than a month from the first contact. These home investors company work with homeowners such as those amid a divorce, inherited an older home, or moving to a new city. They offer a fair price for the property depending on its location and condition.


That being said, it helps to be patient after listing your home. It could take a couple of weeks or even months to get any potential buyers. Being realistic on the price and being transparent on the location and condition of the house is especially helpful in attracting buyers.

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