What Makes a Perfect Assisted Living Facility

What Makes a Perfect Assisted Living Facility


While we all want to be able to take care of ourselves, there comes a point when this is no longer an option. An assisted living facility comes with many benefits that will make your later years more comfortable. However, picking a facility for assisted living can be daunting. The National Center for Health Statistics estimates that there are around 30,200 living facilities in the US, and each one is unique in its own way. As this is a place you will spend a considerable amount of time, it should be perfect.

But what makes an assisted living facility perfect for you? We rounded up some of the vital things to consider:

Tailored fit services

While services offered by assisted living facilities vary, they often include basic personal care such as dressing and bathing, housekeeping and laundry, meal services, and monitoring of recreation. But the facility you choose should also provide specific and tailored healthcare should you need it. The National Center for Assisted Living notes that nearly 3 in 5 facilities now offer specialized care programs for diabetes and dementia while approximately half have heart and depression programs. The facility should also offer 24-hour emergency care and be capable of dealing with emergency situations should one potentially happen.

Value for money

As the services of assisted living facilities are usually rendered for a significant length of time, financial sustainability should also be considered. Most of the people in these facilities will use personal finances to pay for their stay.

As it is still considered a luxury by some healthcare providers, when it shouldn’t be, many people use a combination of home equity life insurance, veteran’s benefits and long-term care insurance policies to find a facility that provides value for money. BizJournal suggests asking how much the prices of the facility have gone up in the last year or so. This way, you can gauge how you can afford it in the long run. Consulting with your policy and benefit provider/s can also go a long way in picking your new home.

Conduct a Walkthrough

Probably the most important aspect, after services, is the healthy environment the facility provides. Assisted living communities are meant to aid in recovery and help you maintain your peace of mind in a home-like environment.

Sadly this isn’t always the case. Nearly half of the facilities provided by the Veteran Affairs were discovered to be subpar and received a one-star ranking in December 2017. While some establishments provide information on their services online, checking the facility by doing a walkthrough, as you would a new home, is more than necessary. New York-based company Yoreevo’s guide to property walkthroughs includes a list of items that every potential buyer should check. These include checking the electrics, bathroom faculties, and windows. While this may seem unnecessary it is the best way to find any faults before making a payment or commitment.

If you are unsure of what to look for you can check online for what the minimum standard should be. In one of our posts on Assisted Living Facilities, Darko Siracevski made a checklist of what to ask when looking for a new home of your choosing. This way you can guarantee that the facility is perfect. 

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