Tips to choose furniture for senior citizens

Tips to choose furniture for senior citizens


Seniors have vastly different needs than everyone else, at least in terms of home furnishing. Other than comfort, the next priority should be safety. It should be taken into account that as we age, people are less mobile. Having said that, below are some tips in choosing furniture for seniors.


Since seniors spend a good amount of their time in their room, it needs to be as safe as possible. For this reason, it's important that all loose cords and wires are stashed away. A good gadget to help with this would be a cord organizer or a cable management system if there are a lot of electronics needed in the bedroom.

In looking for a mattress fit for the senior, it's good to go with one that is supportive and adjustable. This can be of great assistance for an elderly person with sleep issues. Seniors who are suffering from chronic pains will usually have a hard time sleeping so a good mattress that cradles the areas that need the most support is ideal.

An adjustable bed that uses motors to lower and raise different parts of the mattress is also a good option, although these are a lot more expensive. If the senior is still very mobile, Wilding Wallbeds are an option as well, granted they can raise and lower it safely.

Living room

Because we lose a lot of muscle power as we age, sofas, couches, and recliners in the living room must be selected carefully for seniors living at home. Although we like a good soft and comfortable living room sofa, it's best that you choose one that is hard and offers a stable surface for sitting. You should also pay attention to the sitting height of the furniture rather than the upholstery. Taller seniors will need a deeper seat while someone shorter will need a shallow seat.

For someone who has mobility issues, a recliner or a lift chair might be needed in the living room. A recliner will allow a person to raise their feet up which can be of great help in fighting swelling and fatigue. A lift chair uses motors to help lift the person up and into their feet.

Most seniors at home might also benefit from a foot companion or footstools. An elderly-friendly one should be in a bright color so it can easily be seen to avoid tripping. It's used for propping up the legs for better blood circulation. And the stool should be easy to move around. Opt for one that slopes downwards with a concave top. Or better yet, choose one that is height-adjustable.

Lastly, accent rugs might look beautiful and enhance the beauty of a room but they can lead to dangerous falls for seniors. They can be a tripping hazard. If you don't want to throw away your accent rugs, make sure they don't slip by using a double-sided tape and secure them on the floor. Or you can pick one that doesn't have any tassels or fringe on it.

Dining room and kitchen

For dining room seating, ensure that chairs have high back, sturdy, and with rounded edges. You can also select one with arms for added support when getting up. The brackets of the chair should also provide lumbar support and it should extend up to the neck to cradle the back in its most natural position.

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