Easiest ways to get a free glucose meter

Easiest ways to get a free glucose meter


Diabetes is a condition that affects millions of people around the world and one of the requirements of the condition is that blood sugar levels are tested at least once a day. This important task comes at a cost for Diabetics as they need to buy a glucose meter and test strips as well as prescription medications to keep the condition under control which adds to the costs of living.

The American Diabetes Association states that the cost of living for people with Diabetes is 2.3 times higher than people without the condition. In fact, $1 out of $7 is spent treating and managing Diabetes.  

The most expensive piece of equipment for someone with Diabetes is a glucose meter. Each day the Diabetic will use the meter to test their blood sugar levels. This life-saving piece of equipment doesn’t come cheap - most range from $60-100.

But did you know that you can get a free glucose meter if you look in the right place? Not a lot of people do which is why we have put together a list that shows how you can get yours without hassle.  

Check suppliers of Diabetes equipment to see if they have offers

Sometimes companies that sell Diabetes equipment like testing stripes offer glucose meters for free. A quick Google search of ‘free glucose meter’ will bring up the companies that offer this but to save you time here are a few we have found for you.

Contour offer free glucose meters to Diabetics

Contour offers free glucose meters to anyone in the United States who has Diabetes. It is really easy to order one, you simply fill in the form on their website and they will send you one.

There are a few conditions to this offer - you can’t have ordered a glucose meter within the last 18 months from Contour and you must be a privately insured patient and not a Government health beneficiary.

Click here to order your free glucose meter by mail.

Ascensia Canadian

Contour is not the only manufacturer to offer the free tool, Ascania Diabetes also offers a free meter for people with Diabetes in Canada. They will also give the monitor to anyone who is on Medicare.
Click here to visit the Ascania website and order your free glucose meter.
Going straight to the manufacturer is by far the easiest option, all you need to do is fill in a form and they will mail the glucose meter to you. Here are a few more options available if you didn’t want to go to a company like Contour or Ascania Canadian.

Check your health insurance policy

If you are privately insured then it is worth contacting your insurance provider to find out if they cover diabetes supplies.

The Affordable Care Act brought in a lot of changes which gives people with Diabetes more support when it comes to health insurance so when you switch policies it is worth checking to see if they will cover the equipment, supplies and prescription drugs you need.

Check your local pharmacy to see if they are offering free meters

Pharmacies sometimes offer a free glucose meter with the expectation that you will buy your test strips from them. Giving out free meters is a limited offer that might only be available around or on World Diabetes Day which is on November 14th every year.

The International Diabetes Federation sometimes offers free meters to promote World Diabetes Day.

Veterans Affairs offer free Diabetes equipment

If you are a military veteran in the USA or Canada and you have Diabetes, then you could get a free glucose meter - the Dexcom G6 CGM - from Veterans Affairs pharmacies if you have VA healthcare. This is a great offer but it does come with some conditions that need to be met.

  • You must take more than 3 insulin injections daily or use an insulin pump
  • You need to check their blood glucose levels multiple times daily
  • You must meetings with their healthcare team every 6 months to check they are managing their condition
  • You must be at risk of low blood sugar or unable to monitor it yourself

Click here to find out if you qualify for a Dexcom G6 glucose meter from Veterans Affairs.

For Diabetes sufferers, the chance to save money on a meter will be welcomed.
There are a number of easy ways to order a free glucose meter, which will help keep the costs of managing Diabetes under control.

Before you order one, check that you can get the test strips in your area or online. It is also worth finding out what brand they are offering and checking how the machine checks your blood.

There are some meters on the market which can test your blood without using a finger prick, whichever you prefer, check out the specifications of the product before ordering.

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