4 Great Alternatives To Toxic Cleaning Products

4 Great Alternatives To Toxic Cleaning Products


Every homeowner needs a dependable cleaning solution to use whenever it’s time to scrub all the dirt and bacteria off your home. Unfortunately, experiencing allergic reactions like pain in the eyes, itchy skin, or cough due to uncomfortable scents is common. And these are all due to the cleaning agents that are too strong and harmful for your health. Sure, they could make your counters and floors look shiny again, but they usually have harmful effects on you and your family's health.

Fortunately, there are safer and less toxic alternatives to these commercial cleaning products. It would be wise to know what alternatives to go for, especially if you have family members who are sensitive or are allergic to strong scents and fragrances.

Read below and check out some practical alternatives to use in cleaning your home:

1. Diluted Vinegar

Mainly used in Asian cuisines, vinegar strengthens the taste of a dish. However, for people who love to browse the internet, vinegar is also a well-known cleaning agent. It seems that it’s on top of the list for being an excellent alternative cleaning product for homes. 

Vinegar is effective in getting rid of grease, and it can also remove stains from bathroom surfaces. To prepare this organic solution, you only need to combine water and vinegar in equal parts. If you like to add a fresh scent, you can also squeeze in some Lemon as well. 

It’s best to pour this solution into a spray bottle for easy use. After that, you can spray the liquid into areas and surfaces that need to be cleaned. Using a sponge or a scouring pad, you’ll notice how stubborn dirt can be effectively removed.

2. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning your home is necessary, but doing so would sometimes release harmful chemicals that would contribute to air pollution. Green cleaning is an excellent approach to avoid this consequence. With the help of eco friendly commercial cleaning products, you can ensure that the cleaning solutions you’re using are organically formulated. They are safe for the environment and healthy for everyone in your home. Most of all, they are just as effective as other cleaning solutions in the market.

Take note of the following benefits if you go for eco-friendly alternatives:

  • Helps Save The Environment

Not only are these greener cleaning solutions effective in decreasing carbon footprint because of their safer compounds and ingredients, but they also are packaged using recyclable materials. 

  • Cost-Effective

Since the industry for eco-friendly cleaning solutions is becoming broader and more competitive, companies are aware of how important it is to set reasonable prices without sacrificing quality. Commercial businesses nowadays go for organic cleaning solutions because they can save more money due to reduced sick employees and absences.

  • Enhanced Air Quality

If you’re living with seniors, one of the essential aspects for them to stay healthy is to have excellent indoor air quality. Many people often complain about the pungent smell of toxic cleaning chemicals. These sometimes result in dizziness, headache, and nausea. Thankfully, with organic cleaning products, these side effects can be prevented. 

3. Baking Soda

Another trick of the trade is baking soda. Baking soda cleans surfaces by dissolving germs and bacteria in water. Due to this, it is used by many people who love organic methods of cleaning. It works wonders in eliminating stubborn dirt and stains from the kitchen, including stoves, counters, islands, and tile backsplashes. There are many ways you can prepare baking soda as a cleaning agent. When mixed with water, it can be sprinkled on a sponge or dishrag and scrubbed on the surface that needs cleaning. 

4. Essential Oil Diffuser

If you or your family members are sensitive to strong scents from perfumes and air fresheners, you may try diffusing essential oils instead. While essential oils are mainly used to make your room smell fresh, some types also have antibacterial and cleaning properties. This includes Lemon and Tea Tree essential oils. Before diffusing essential oils, make sure to dilute them with water and carrier oil. You can then use a high-quality air diffuser and finally stop worrying about bad indoor air quality. 


There’s no need for you to tolerate the pungent smell of toxic cleaning chemicals when you have healthier and safer choices. Your health should be your priority, so it’s always a wise decision to use these organic cleaning solutions when cleaning your home or your company office. With the various green cleaning alternatives stated above, your space will be cleaned and sanitized without compromising your health and the environment.

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