Dill Herb

Dill Herb


Dill - spice and herb.

Dill is very effective in insomnia. It has a strong antibacterial action that prevents the development of inflammations and infections in the body. This herb is a major source of potassium and is therefore recommended for consumption in women during the menopause.

Dill has been known to mankind for millennia. In ancient Egypt and Babylon the herb was used for healing purposes. In ancient Greece dill was used in l ceremonies in honor of the gods. In ancient Rome gladiators used the plant for endurance.

In medieval Western Europe, the plant was still in use at the time of Carl the Great. In the 15th - 16th centuries in the Italian cities - republics the herb was used to prepare love potions and kept from misfortunes according to the views.

Dill is an annual herbaceous plant with a height of up to 2 m. The root of the herb is spindle. Its stem with leaves is hollow, streaked, with green and white stripes. Its yellow flowers (plant head) are collected in the inflorescence cannon and reach up to 50 in number. Fennel flies are flattened. They have 5 longitudinal ribs.

The leaves, fruits, seeds and root of the herb are used. Fruits are harvested after ripening of the main inflorescence in September. Reap the whole plant and dry on bundles. If necessary, dry the fruits in the shade or in a drier at a temperature of up to 45 ° C.  The dried fruits are gray-brown, with a characteristic smell and a sweet-tasting flavor. Packed in bags. Keep in dry, shady and ventilated rooms.

Here are some suggestions for the use of the plant for healing purposes in humans:

1.To relieve neurosis - mix two teaspoons of honey with one teaspoon of fennel seed and one tablespoon of valerian root. The resulting mixture is poured with three liters of boiling water and must stand for one day and one night. Take two mouthful spoonfuls at bedtime and in the morning before eating;
2. In bronchial asthma - one tablespoon of dill is poured with two tea glasses of water, the mixture is tightly closed and boiled for five minutes. The resulting opener is drunk as a coffee cup three times a day before eating;

Dill should not be applied externally, as it may cause skin allergy to the sun's rays. The plant should not be used by pregnant women.

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