Veterans help their veteran colleagues at a new consultancy center in Swansea

Veterans help their veteran colleagues at a new consultancy center in Swansea


Veterans help their veteran colleagues in Swansea

Why do you need help when a military leaves the office? Reasons may be several or just one - post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety when someone has left the army, drug abuse abuses.

A mentally traumatized person is a concern and responsibility for their family. But if they receive qualified support, the period would be easier.

Such support for mental health care for veterans and their families offers their colleagues in Swansea and is called Metro Eastern Counseling. Serving the whole community, there is always a special place for the veterans in their hearts.

veteran help centerThe staff consists of five people, including three therapists - veterans. Welch is one of them. He spent four years in the sea corps. He joined the army after September 11, 2001. Currently, he is commander of the 932th Air Wing at the Scott Air Force Base.

The two veterans, who are not veterans, have experience of working with the military and their families, and that they are so good at their work attracting many people from the Scott air base. Therapists offer a service beyond the life of the military, which is very important to people.

Welch knows about the changes that occur in the personality of leaving military life: "There are many changes in the man when people leave the military - this is a very structured environment that has taken care of everything - medical insurance, your family - you live in a balloon when you are military, so we see when people are divided into military life, there's a pretty big correction that goes with that, so we're helping with that. " Of its visitors nearly fifty percent are military left military life, and suffering from depressive disorders, addiction, anxiety, stress.

Although veterans have access to health benefits through the Veterans Affairs Division, according to Welch, demand for services exceeds VA's ability to meet the needs of all.

"We attract many people who have access to the benefits of VA, but come here because they like the settings for private practices, and we can actually provide the individual time - one at a time - which I think is very hard for VA to do just because of the number of people they regularly come to."

Sharing personal things with a colleague veteran is much easier. You feel more comfortable, you have a better understanding of the military life and the challenges you face as a civilian, and that makes your adviser closer to your problems.

Welch says: "A lot of jargon is used with military life, it's a kind of subculture of the country, and we are able to overcome some of that because we are already in this field with them."


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