Kids and Technology: 8 safety tips for parents

Kids and Technology: 8 safety tips for parents


Kids and technology, do they mix? To some parents, technology has made a huge impact on their kids’ upbringing. In fact, some educational institutions have even integrated technology in academic and recreational routines.

However, as parents, we must employ safety precautions for our kids to continually enjoy technology – securely. Did you know that about 2,000 children under the age of 14 die from home injury every year? Some of these home injuries are caused by burns and fires, choking, falls, drowning, and poisoning. This is the reason why some parents use a tracking device to monitor their kids’ playtime.

And although technology and gadgets may seem harmless, there are still harmful incidents that can arise from unsupervised usage. Here are eight tips to keep your kids safe when using technology.

1. Adult Supervision

Nothing could make parents feel safer than supervising their kids when they’re playing with gadgets. First of all, plug and cords could be the main culprits for electrocution. For example, simply putting phone chargers in your mouth could be fatal for your children. Therefore, when your children are playing with tablets or looking at videos on a mobile phone, make sure you’re beside them until they’ve finished.

2. Set a Schedule for Technology Time

To make sure that your kids don’t depend on their gadgets all the time, set a schedule for when they can use their gadgets. This is to control your kids’ time for other physical activities like playing with other children or art classes. Make sure your technology time with kids is minimal. Relying too much on gadgets means you’re not exerting parenting efforts.

3. Set up a Family Media Plan

Creating a Family Media Use Plan is also useful in identifying your kids’ purpose for using gadgets and technology. Through a Family Media Plan, you can create goals and rules that your children can follow to avoid using technology without a valuable purpose or thought. Technology should be there to enhance your time with your kids, not take time away family bonding moments.

4. Don’t Make Gadgets as Pacifier

I have seen this way too often. Some parents pacify their children’s tantrums by giving them their gadgets. Although this solves the issue temporarily, this doesn’t do anything to teach the kids. Never make gadgets and technology the pacifier for kids having tantrums. This will make them think that they can get what they want by throwing a fit.

5. Monitor Channel Age Restrictions

Your kids might sign up for anything online. Make sure that you monitor channel age restrictions. For instance, YouTube has age restrictions. You must be 18 years of age to sign up. Don’t take this for granted as seeing inappropriate videos could impact your children’s behavior.

Also, another disadvantage for not monitoring what your kids sign up to is they could be targets for kidnapping. Signing up for platforms and revealing the information could invite criminals to gain access to address, emails, phone numbers, and complete names of people in the household, which can open up possibilities of crimes like identity theft or even a break-in.

6. Treat Technology Time as Family Bonding Time

One way to make media time special for you and your kids is to treat it as family time. Don’t just give them their tablets to shut them up or so you can do your household chores without your kids barraging you with their needs. As mentioned, supervising them is one way to keep them safe. To make media time more productive and meaningful, treat it as family bonding time. You can do activities with your kids such as playing quizzes or games. You may even watch fun videos together.

7. Make use of E-Learning

Technology and gadgets aren’t all that bad for kids. You can enroll your children in e-courses. This is another way to make the media time fun and productive for your kids. For example, enroll them in a Science knowledge course. Better yet, introduce them to Math by enrolling in simple addition and subtraction lessons that require them to solve simple equations.

8. Conduct Technology Detox Regularly

Technology and gadgets aren’t the only playtime solutions. Set one day of the week to detox them from tech and gadgets. This means, not using gadgets the entire day. Introducing your kids to outdoor activities is still a fun and effective way to shape their characteristics and even cognitive skills.

There are many other activities you and your children can do aside from looking at screens. Sports, hiking, music lessons, swimming, to name a few. Make sure you keep that balance between indoor and outdoor playtime.

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