When Facing Terminal Illness Important Decisions Can Provide Comfort

When Facing Terminal Illness Important Decisions Can Provide Comfort


A Terminal Illness diagnosis brings forth a tremendous amount of emotion. While it may feel everything is spinning out of control, one can gain a sense of grounding and peace through making decisions and arrangements.  Here are some important things to consider when you or a loved one is facing limited time.  

How to face Arrangements and Affairs facing a Terminal illness

The common expression is “putting affairs in order,” and appropriately so.  By establishing a plan for the estate and what time remains, one can find stability and order in what can otherwise feel like shifting sand.  If you have a loved one facing a terminal illness, it might be time to discuss paperwork to alleviate some of the coming financial and legal decisions. 

If your loved one is too impaired to make decisions, consider the legal means for establishing authority to act on your loved one’s behalf, such as power of attorney, creating a living will and appointing a Social Security representative.  In this way, you can properly prioritize his or her needs.

You should also take the opportunity to map out funeral arrangements.  Instead of trying to do so in the wake of loss, when you’re emotional and pressed for time, planning ahead means being able to review options and shop around for the arrangements, which are most appropriate for your situation

How to take specifics and decisions facing a terminal illness

If you are thinking the estate isn’t big enough to warrant much fuss, or perhaps you believe everything was decided years ago, MoneyTalksNews suggests reviewing decisions.  You might be concerned an attorney is too expensive, but depending on your situation a formal will might not even be necessary.  However, you should check all existing accounts and beneficiaries.  For instance, ensuring there is joint ownership on accounts helps avoid trouble later, even on things you might feel are straightforward like cell phones.  Financial accounts such as checking, savings, retirement, life insurance, annuities and investments should all be examined and brought up to date.  

What are the Timeframes and When to do the tough talks about Terminal Illness

When you or a loved one receives a Terminal Illness diagnosis, talking about things can be awkward and painful.  However, opening lines of communication means being able to set forth priorities, establish timelines, and make desires known.  VerywellHealth explains it’s time to talk candidly with medical personnel, learning all you can about the illness, treatments and expected course of events.  Some people prefer to spend time doing things outside of medical procedures, and if there are certain activities you or your loved one wants to enjoy, it might be important to time events around appointments.  It could be bucket list items including skydiving or a trip abroad or perhaps a grandchild’s birthday or a graduation event.  Discussing what is necessary, what is optional, and what is important during the remaining time will help everyone plan accordingly

Work and Income when facing Terminal Illness

Depending on your personal situation, you or your loved one may need to make decisions regarding employment.  While it’s often impossible to pinpoint dates, stopping work far in advance of what is necessary can lead to financial hardship for survivors.  The New York Times suggests discussing best and worst-case scenarios with your physician.  A spouse who remains employed for the fullest amount of time necessary can greatly impact solvency.  If you have assets you can tap into to help cover the costs of care, it could be best to do so instead of taking a leave of absence or ending employment.  You should also weigh Social Security and how it might affect income and disability, especially if you or your spouse is facing terminal illness.

You and your future

When you or someone you love receives a terminal diagnosis, it feels your world is in upheaval.  Laying out plans for the remaining time can help manage priorities, provide security and set goals.  There is peace and comfort in making important decisions and arrangements.

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Sholem Berkowitz
Sholem Berkowitz

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