7 Simple Tips to Get Rid of Back Pain for Seniors

7 Simple Tips to Get Rid of Back Pain for Seniors


Lower back pain is a common health problem that people experience among different age groups, especially in seniors. There are many reasons why one can develop back pain.

There are cases in which it’s a sign of a more severe condition like fibromyalgia or kidney stones. However, in many other cases, it’s caused by repetitive motion and a sedentary lifestyle. So, it’s just a side effect.

If someone experiences back pain for more than three months, it’s considered to be chronic. In this case, it might come and go and could bring temporary relief, then frustration follows. It can be quite trying to deal with chronic back pain, especially since the cause has not been ascertained.

In most cases, it’s just around for a few days or weeks and goes on its own again. It doesn’t even have to involve surgery, but you can manage it in different ways. If you’re living with a senior who suffers from back pain, here are seven ways to help them get rid of it.

1. Watch your weight

Bucking up with extra weight, especially towards the midsection, doesn’t help. It can make the pain even worse. This is because it will change your center of gravity, and the strain will be on the back.  You can control back pain by remaining within your ideal weight or 10 pounds more.

2. Regular exercising

It’s easy for seniors to stay back and rest when they start to feel back pain. They could stay off physical activities as a result. While a day of rest or two might help, long-term results require regular physical activity/exercise to ease tension and muscle and inflammation.

3. Cut down on smoking

Smoking isn’t good for health, especially for seniors. It restricts the blood flow to the spinal discs with all the nutrients it contains. This is why smokers are very prone to back pain.

4. Change your posture

Maintaining a poor posture for a long time can lead to back pain. Some chairs can help prevent back pain for seniors. It’s those chairs with low-back support or a straight back. The knees have to be higher than the hips when one sits. If necessary, get a stool to place the feet on. If you’re standing for a long period, make sure your stomach isn’t pulling out, and your head is up. While standing, try to rest one of your feet on a stool, then switch to the other after about 15 minutes.

5. Watch your sleeping position

Wrong sleeping position is another common cause of back pain. If your sleeping position causes your back pain, you should speak with your doctor about which sleeping position is the best for you. The commonly suggested position is to sleep on your side and bend your knees slightly towards your chest. However, if your preference is to sleep on your back, then place a pillow under your back (lower) and put another one under your knees.

A bad position for your back is to sleep on your stomach. However, if it’s how you sleep and no other way, put a pillow under your hips.

6. Watch your diet

Some diets are not good for your body. These are highly inflammatory diets such as processed foods, refined sugars, and trans fats. Your diet may add to your back pain, but you should talk to your doctor about it and discuss the changes to your diet that you should enforce. Don’t forget that keeping your weight in check plays a vital role in reducing pressure on your back and the spine, so you feel little to no pain.

7. Stay away from high heels

There’s no reason for a senior to be wearing high heels. Altogether, stay away from it. It can shift the body’s center of gravity, and this strains the back. So, don’t wear more than one-inch heels.


Back pain is something that happens commonly to almost everybody. Maybe even more common in seniors. The good thing is, it’s easy to deal with. Simple lifestyle modifications like those in this article can go a long way to getting rid of them.

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