How to know if you need an emergency alert device

How to know if you need an emergency alert device


Emergency devices are extremely useful and can be used for various reasons by many different people.. 

Emergency devices are highly versatile, ensuring a wide array of people are kept safe.

Common features of a premium Medi Alarm can be used for a wide variety of different professional or personal circumstances and are perfect for creating peace of mind. 

  • Programmed with multiple emergency contacts
  • Text messages can be sent in an emergency via GPS
  • Some models come with 24/7 monitoring
  • Many models feature fall detection technology
  • Models can be fitted with a mobile network SIM Card, ensuring you always have credit.

Who can benefit from using an emergency alert device

One of the great features of a premium Medi Alarm is that it will function no matter where you are. It doesn’t need to be within a certain range of a base unit. 

The medical alarm commonly uses a mobile network to operate, which means that devices can be used when at work, home, in the gym, doing while shopping, or even taking the dog for a walk. 

Emergency alarms can be used by almost anyone who requires rapid access to emergency assistance.

Medical alarm application for the elderly

Medical alarms are commonly used by the elderly as they can provide peace of mind to the elderly person using the alarm and their family. A medical alarm ensures immediate contact to emergency assistance whenever the wearer requires it.

Medical alarms are easy to use, and elderly users who may be concerned about using new technology should have an easy time operating these amazing gadgets. Well designed products simply require the user to press the button, and they will immediately connect to the help they require. Quality Medi Alarms are typically worn on a lanyard around the neck, like a watch with a wristband or on a belt clip.

Should a wearer fall and are unable to press the button, a medical alarm device will automatically activate and commence calling through a programmed contact list. 

This technology allows elderly people to maintain complete autonomy while also providing their families with invaluable peace of mind. 

An emergency alert device designed for security

Security teams also understand the benefits of their team members using emergency alert devices. A security guard can swiftly call for help and alert other team members by pressing a single button, highlighting how fast and easy to use these devices can be.  Many medical device companies provide internal support teams who can disable units with inbuilt fall detection, preventing the alarm from triggering when security guards are on the move.

Many devices come with a mode called “listen in mode, "which has proven incredibly valuable for security teams. The “listen in mode” disables the speaker so that when the device contacts a person on the emergency list, nothing the emergency contact says can be heard by anyone near the alarm.

The alarm will typically beep to indicate that the emergency alert device has been triggered. This functionality can also be deactivated in order to switch the device to a silent alarm. 

Anyone around will be unaware that the alarm has been activated, and the security team can still listen to what is occurring. 

Businesses operating during late hours

A lot of late-night workers have benefited greatly from our emergency alert device. Many emergency alarms offer crystal clear communication between the person pressing the alarm button and the person picking up the phone. This has provided considerable assurance to a lot of high-risk jobs. An emergency  alert device allows tradespeople and contractors to quickly get help if an accident occurs on a work site. 

The best part is that when the alarm is activated, you still have a ten second period to cancel the alarm. So, if you accidentally press the alarm while working, you can still stop the emergency alert from being sent out.

Where can I get an emergency alert device?

 The Medi Alarm provides an array of features that can benefit businesses and individuals. 

  • Check on your safety ANYWHERE you go
  • Programmed with multiple emergency contacts
  • The device triggers a text message to contacts with users GPS location
  • Operates on the mobile network
  • You never forget to recharge your credit as many include a mobile SIM card
  • Tech support and after-sales assistance are available

Should you be located in Australia, contact Medi Alarm today to find out more about a medical alarm today.

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