Assisted Living or Nursing Home

Assisted Living or Nursing Home


To choose between an assisted living or nursing home if it is a question of taking care of your loved one who is among the senior citizens of the country, there are certain factors on which your decision may depend.


Assisted Living or Nursing Home


When to choose an assisted living facility over a nursing home:

  • If the senior person does not need medical care for a long term and is not critically ill to call for the attention of skilled medical professionals, an assisted living community could be the better option.
    • If the person wants to live independently with a little assistance in the daily activities like:
      preparing breakfast
      timely medication.
  • Assisted living facilities provide a secure and supportive environment such as security staff and supportive gadgets like hand rails and other systems.
  • If the cost of assisted living is covered by Medicaid and also indirectly by Medicare, assisted living could be a better choice over a nursing home.
  • Where the senior person chooses to stay within an environment that is similar to a residential type, like a one bedroom flat or an apartment, assisted living could be a better choice.
  • In assisted living an occupant is assisted to visit places like a church or a library, or to attend a social activity.

When to choose a nursing home:

  1. Nursing homes provide specialty medical care and round the clock supervision together with the emergency services. If the senior person requires such facilities, a nursing home could be a better option.
  2. Coming to the financial aspect, it may be said that when it comes to long term medical care where the cost of such care can be covered by Medicare, nursing homes may be the best option, although Medicaid may be used in case of assisted living, but to a limited extent of coverage, which may not suffice in some cases.
  3. Where trained medical professionals are required for an institutional care for the aged person, a nursing home is a better option.
  4. Where the senior person is alone and needs skilled medical care without having the option to stay independently, nursing home is a better place.
  5. The question is the status of the senior person and the present condition that could influence the decision on whether to choose an assisted living or nursing home, let alone the financial aspect.

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Sholem Berkowitz
Sholem Berkowitz

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