Assisted Living or Nursing Home

by Sholem Berkowitz

Posted on 2018-01-09

If it is a choice between an assisted living and a nursing home, there are certain factors that have to be taken into consideration before deciding which one could be the best for a senior requiring a long term assistance in either living with freedom with assistance and medical care that could need specialty care.

Seniors requiring a long term residential living facility with little or no assistance in their day to day activities, assisted living could be the better choice. But in case of a specialized medical care that may be for a short or a long term, a nursing home could be the obvious choice. Another factor that comes as a primary consideration is the cost of such facilities. In an assisted living facility you will be required to pay the costs of living, but in case of a nursing home care, the costs can be covered by Medicare. There are special services that offer various options of funding for families having their beloved one in an assisted living facility, like bridge loans, Medicaid, reverse mortgages and long term care insurance, whereas in case of a nursing home care, the costs can be covered by Medicare.

Assisted Living or Nursing Home

Whereas a senior has the freedom to stay at an assisted living community all alone within the ambience of a suite or apartment, in nursing homes an occupant may be required to share a room with another person. Another difference is that, whereas in a nursing home a senior is provided with specialty medical care that include timely medication and round the clock monitoring and emergency attention, that is not the case in an assisted living community. In assisted living the care provided is somewhat like an upscale apartment service like, assisting in the daily activities and providing medication as prescribed,but in a nursing home you get institutional care which comes through trained professionals.

In assisted living, a senior is able to interact with other co-residents and take part in group activities, making life more enjoyable, but in a nursing home the stay is restricted within a cubicle which may be single occupancy or at the most being shared with another person. Ultimately, when it comes to a choice between assisted living and a nursing home, it is the considerations that have been discussed so far, that you will need to take into account before taking an informed decision.

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