Assisted Living Costs USA

by Sholem Berkowitz

Posted on 2018-01-13

If you have to know all about assisted living costs USA, you will just have to do a little bit of online research. You will find wide options depending upon the place of your residence or the location of an assisted living community.

Searching online, you can find the cheapest as well as the most expensive assisted living facilities near to your place. Enter the name of your state, city or Zip code to find assisted living options and all information about pricing, ratings and reviews. Assisted living costs in USA vary widely from state to state, and the median average cost is at present about $45000 per year. The cost may be about 50% higher in some states while in some other states the cost may come down by 30%. According to a recent survey the most expensive states in the USA for assisted living are New Jersey, Alaska, Delaware, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, where the costs range from $ 60000 to $ 70000. Among the cheapest states are Georgia, South Carolina, Missouri, North Dakota and Arkansas, where the annual costs of assisted living range from $ 30000 to $ 36000. You will also find a complete list of all 50 states in the USA with the costs of assisted living mentioned for each state.

Assisted Living Costs USA

You should also consider the increasing living costs, which is estimated to be 3% as the annual growth rate, which may be a substantial amount for those hard put to meet the expenses of assisted living for their parents or loved ones. Assisted living costs also depend upon the number of bedrooms and the facilities being availed, which include laundry, housekeeping, medication, the level of care needed and indoor activities. Entering your name, phone number and email address you can get a detailed search result on the costs of assisted living in the USA and the amenities which are accessible. Although the costs are not covered by Medicare there are other options for funding. You will get a complete guide which may help you to take an informed decision in case you want to give your loved one to assisted living.

A careful study into the assisted living in the USA together with the options for private funding can help you take the right decision in choosing an assisted living facility that can be best suited for your family.

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