Assisted Living Costs Covered by Medicare

by Sholem Berkowitz

Posted on 2018-01-11

Normally, the costs of long term care facilities or assisted living are not covered by Medicare, except the costs of qualified healthcare for a person living in a particular facility. Medicare will cover the costs of medical care at skilled nursing facilities that are certified by Medicare. Medicaid is such a health insurance that can be used for covering the costs of assisted living. So, if you are skeptical about who is going to pay the costs of your assisted living, do not worry, because Medicaid can be used to cover the costs of long term medical care for senior citizens and disabled persons who are unable to fund their medical care expenses by themselves.

Assisted Living Costs Covered by Medicare

There are other funding options that can help an individual cover the costs of assisted living up to a certain portion, provided they have long term care insurance. Searching online, you will find assisted living communities for seniors where options are uniquely tailored to meet your budget and lifestyle. Funding options are also there through Medicaid and other insurance coverage. You can also opt for a bridge loan to cover the long term assisted living services until such time you are able to manage to pay the costs by yourself. But the truth is that, Medicare covers certain medical care expenses during assisted living, where you can enter into an agreement for coverage of long term costs, but not all States offer this facility. An increasing number of states are offering payment to family caregivers to help any of their family member cover the costs of stay home facilities. Certain costs of inpatient respite that covers costs of care up to 5 days for patients with terminal illness are covered by Medicare.

There are many State Aid programs and nonprofit organizations that can help cover the costs of medicine, shelter, food and other benefits that depend upon the income ad assets of the individual needing the benefits. You can check out the eligibility for qualifying for such benefits that depend upon your income and assets that do not include your home and vehicles. The minimum amount of assets that fulfill your eligibility varies from state to state programs. If you are unable to get Medicare cover costs of assisted living, Medicaid can be the best option. You can find Medicaid center near you by searching online, so there is no need to worry about covering the costs of assisted living for your loved ones.

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