Yoga May Help Prevent Falls as We Age

Yoga May Help Prevent Falls as We Age


It is common knowledge that staying active through healthy eating and exercising regularly helps extend our lives, but in the case of yoga and other balance-strengthening exercises, it can also prevent injuries from falling.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury in older adults. The National Council on Aging suggests a few ways you can prevent falls.  These include making sure there is adequate lighting in all areas of the home and having grab bars available in bathrooms. Staying active is another excellent way to prevent falls in older adults, especially with exercises that are intended to help with balance. You may also like to check Ultimate Senior Travel Guide.

That said, you do not need professional athletic training to help prevent falls. In an interview with the Gold Coast Bulletin, professor Roberta Shepherd credits her improved sense of balance and flexibility to a simple weekly yoga class. In her words, “I think I might be worse off if I hadn't been going to yoga classes for so long.” She has been doing yoga for 20 years and is now 80 years old.

Professor Shepherd and her colleague, professor Anne Tiedemann of the University of Sydney, are investigating the effect that yoga can have on older adults.

According to, 235 older Australians aged 60 and up are part of their study that has examined yoga as a means of fall prevention. The group agreed on yoga as their preferred way of preventing falls through activity with 35 percent favorability. Following that was the Otago exercise program at 32%, and then tai chi at 33%.

Shepherd says that anything that a person does standing upright, with feet on the floor and requiring complex movements, will have a positive effect on balance. A good sense of balance, with other preventative methods, will help minimize the risk of falling. 

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