Why You Should Get an Online CPR Certification

Why You Should Get an Online CPR Certification


If you have considered getting your cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should do this. In addition to developing a life-saving skill that can benefit you and so many other people, you can get your CPR certification faster than ever.

Look into getting your certification online, too. You will still learn all of the required skills without compromising the quality of your instruction. The process is easier than you might think, and there are plenty of reasons that point to why you should do this.

To Protect Your Family and Friends

If one of your loved ones were to need CPR, your ability to perform it could be the difference between life and death for them. Why would you put this certification off when you know this could save the lives of your family and friends? Act now to obtain your certification and protect those you care about most.

Sure, you can call 911 and should do that. But face it. The time between when you called and when emergency personnel arrives are moments you could spend trying to ensure your loved one lives. You can immediately begin the process of caring for a family member or friend until responders arrive to take over the process.

You Can Assist the General Public

Should you be somewhere in public and you encounter an incident where there is someone in need of CPR, you will be able to help them. It's even more reason for you to complete a CPR online certification. No matter where you encounter the need for this life-saving therapy, your certification could be put to use.

Plus, if someone stops breathing or their heart stops breathing, you and others near them only have four to six minutes to revive them. When emergencies anywhere require swift action, you should be ready to jump in and help. Wouldn't you want someone to do the same thing for you?

CPR Can Be Used for Several Medical Emergencies

When you encounter someone who is not breathing or breathing normally, is unconscious or unresponsive, your skill can be applied. If someone is in cardiac arrest, you can help prevent damage to their brain and their heart. Of course, you can save their life, too.

There are some instances when you should not perform CPR, though. To make sure you only use the skill when applicable, obtain your certification through a reputable trainer. An online certification will cover those basics for you, too, on top of providing you with the know-how of how to perform the procedure.

It's Good for Your Career and Life Insurance Rates

If you are looking for a new job, a CPR certification can provide you with more career opportunities. Not only will you diversify the positions for which you can apply, but you also can get promotions more easily. Some employers are specifically looking for people that are trained in emergency response.

You also can have lower life insurance rates. If someone in your home is shopping for life insurance, having others in the home trained in CPR can produce a more affordable plan. Also, children in your family as young as nine can become certified. See about getting everyone in your home equipped with this life-saving skill.

You Help Fill an Ongoing Need

The American Heart Association suggests that between 100,000 and 200,000 lives in the US could be saved each year if the right amount of people were certified. Plus, the time spent getting certified is minimal on your end. When you receive an online certification, you have to spend even less time.

If you are certified, you also will be able to help people of all ages. Around 7 million people, no matter their age, can annually benefit from CPR. You can help address the ongoing crisis of not enough people being equipped with this life-saving tool.

The Time Is Now for You to Get CPR Certified Online

As you can see from the information above, there are some very good reasons that highlight why you should do this. If you are considering getting your CPR certification, the time is now. With the ability to get your certification online, you have even more reason to not put this off.

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