What Does Your State Score For Quality of Nursing Home Carey

What Does Your State Score For Quality of Nursing Home Carey


Each year, a scorecard is released covering long-term support and services for older adults and disabled individuals. This scorecard can be an asset to those who want to know the ranking of their state as well as neighboring states. There are overall rankings as well as specific rankings relating to aspects such as quality of life and cost.

The types of support that are measured for the scorecard include a range of everyday assistance including personal care, medications, wound care, housekeeping, bill paying, meals, transportation, social services, and other supportive services.

According to the most recent report, the ten states that ranked the best overall were Washington (number one), Minnesota, Vermont, Oregon, Alaska, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Colorado, California, and Connecticut.

The ten states that ranked the worst were Indiana (last on the list), Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Nevada, Georgia, and Arkansas.

But what do these rankings mean? They may not actually mean as much as you think.

All of the states have room for improvement in one or more areas.  Even top-rated Washington ranks 15th in quality of life and quality of care. Minnesota, despite being number two on the list, could also do with some changes. They ranked 19th ineffective transitions. Vermont (number three overall) is 19th in quality of life and quality of care, while Oregon (number four overall) is 20th in affordability and access and 27th in quality of life and quality of care.


When searching for a nursing home, it may make sense to look over state lines in some cases. Quality of care can vary significantly from state to state as well as between individual nursing homes. If you are having trouble finding a good one within a short distance of home, consider branching out to areas with a better reputation for the level and quality of care that is provided. 

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