Uber Updates Make the Rideshare App Easier to Use

Uber Updates Make the Rideshare App Easier to Use


Older adults are utilizing apps more than ever. Rideshare services, maps, food delivery, and social media are all on the list of ways to use a mobile device to stay independent and connected. However, this does not mean that the apps are always easy to use. There are areas in which some apps can fall short. Uber is working to make sure the mobile app for their rideshare service is more comprehensive so that getting a ride is truly as simple as a few taps on a screen.

While ordering an uber may have always been fairly easy, that does not mean locating the car, or the driver being able to locate their new passenger, has always been a breeze. Uber has made some changes to make it all a whole lot easier for you and your driver to locate each other. They have added several features to remove any potential headaches or stress from the process.

The Spotlight feature

According to TechCrunch, you can now create a color-coded signpost with your iPhone, Android, or another mobile device. If it is dark or if you are in a crowd, you can set your screen to a color that the driver can identify and hold it up so that they can see it.

Pickup messages

There is also an option to add unique messages for your driver. If you want to give them more specific instructions, tell them exactly where you will be waiting, or what you will be wearing so they can spot you more easily. All you need to do is type the instructions into the app and the driver will see them. 

Guaranteed scheduled pickups

In addition to those two helpful features, Uber is also adding guaranteed pick-ups for scheduled rides. This means that if you schedule a ride ahead of time, they will guarantee that your ride will arrive at the specified time. If the driver does not show up on time, you get a $10 credit as an apology.


There isn’t an exact rollout date for the new features yet, but the company has promised that the app will be updated to include them soon. 

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