The UK Will Be Building High-Tech Luxury Developments for the Elderly

The UK Will Be Building High-Tech Luxury Developments for the Elderly


In the United Kingdom, there is a plan to invest £76 million (roughly $96.5 million US) annually for the next three years to build luxury homes to help older individuals stay independent for longer. According to the Telegraph, the homes will be designed specifically for the elderly, disabled, and frail.

These indulgent accommodations will have on-site spas and beauty salons. They will also have motion sensors and video cameras to help with monitoring and support for health and safety. 

Plans are already in the works in Manchester, England for a block of 135 apartments which will include dementia-friendly designs, a spa, bistro, salon, sensory gardens, and communal rooms. The apartments will be offered for rent and sale. 

Caroline Dinenage, UK care minister, spoke to the Telegraph about how important this type of housing will be in allowing older adults to remain independent for longer by keeping their quality of life high:

“Far too often, older people who could have stayed at home for longer are ending up in a hospital or residential care. We must do much more to ensure the quality of our housing keeps up with ever-evolving health needs. We need to encourage far more of these types of developments. Communities likes these can improve quality of life, help more people live in the community for longer and keep the pressure off our health and social care system – something we all want to see.” 

There have already been 3,300 of these homes built in the United Kingdom in the previous investment cycles. They include bungalows that have been specially designed for individuals with a high level of autism as well as homes with garden areas for adults with learning disabilities. 

The idea is to create homes that are more accessible for individuals who may no longer be able to climb stairs or reach cabinets, while also improving their quality of life to help with a positive outlook.  

The motion sensors and video cameras in the housing will allow for remote monitoring of medical conditions. There will also be tablet screens that offer health tips and reminders if the sensors detect a decline in activity levels. While not everyone may be comfortable with that level of technology, there are many cases in which it can help with maintaining independence. 

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