Tech Firms Will Test Voice-Based Health Tools for Seniors

Tech Firms Will Test Voice-Based Health Tools for Seniors


Pillo Health and Orbita are partnering with AARP to make health care more accessible for older patients with diabetes. They will be beginning their research this summer in the Boston area with AARP members who are 50 or older.

Pillo has a HIPAA-compliant countertop robot that is enabled with artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and voice-first technology. It reminds patients to take their medication and asks questions to determine which medications and dosages it should dispense. It can also answer basic questions such as if a pill should be taken with food.

Orbita’s voice platform for the robot assists in communication with the patient and caregivers regarding medication compliance and other related healthcare matters.

In a Medical Marketing & Media article, Andy Miller, SVP of innovation and product development at AARP, stated that:

“All that stuff may seem trivial, but it can be daunting for someone who is older and managing multiple chronic illnesses. Pillo can demystify all of that with its interactive screen, instructions, videos, and content,” said Andy Miller, SVP of innovation and product development at AARP. 

As well as helping with medication, the robot may be able to assist with monitoring of patients remotely. The companies believe that it may also be useful in reducing social isolation.

Pillo Health CEO, Emanuele Musini, has been wanting to develop a device that assists with medication adherence as well as independence for older adults with diabetes.

“I started researching why people don't do what they should for their own health, specifically why don't they take the medication as prescribed and follow their care plan. The idea with Pillo was to build ‘someone' that would be inside the home.”

- Emanuele Musini


AARP connected his company with Pillo Health last December as part of the second annual [email protected] digital health accelerator last December. They have made an impressive amount of progress since then. They are planning a soft launch for the end of the year. 

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