Ways to stay connected with your elderly relatives during the coronavirus crisis

Ways to stay connected with your elderly relatives during the coronavirus crisis


Socialization is an excellent way of preventing health problems among the elderly. It alleviates loneliness and depression and can boost an older person's psychological and physical wellness. Sadly, staying connected with loved ones, especially with the coronavirus disease, is quite a challenge. The elderly are more susceptible to the disease, and visiting them may put them at risk. But, there are many ways to keep in touch with and let the older person know that you care.
Here are ideas to try out:

1. Play games online

There are various games you can play online thanks to technology. Whether you fancy board or cards, there are sites where you can play multiple games with your others, and this includes your older person. You can also download apps like Words with Friends on your play, and this allows you to play with others.

2. Watch concerts online

You can enjoy live concerts with your loved one online thanks to Seattle Symphony. An organization that understands that people connect well through music. Savor this from home and make it better by doing this with your older person. But, for an older person to sit for long watching the concert, they must be in excellent health. So, ensure that the caregiver uses adult day care software; it improves communication and makes it easier to track progress and give more personalized care.

3. Communicate often

Communication is an excellent way of keeping in touch with your loved ones. There are many ways to connect with an older person in your life. Besides, with headways in technology, this has never been easier. Some of the common ways to try out are:

  • Phone calls- Mobile phones have since become a must-have gadget, and it's hard to find someone without such a device. A mobile phone is portable and easy to operate; you can move with it and keep in touch with loved ones and friends. The elderly can easily benefit from simple phone calls.
  • Letters- With the coronavirus pandemic, frequent visits are not an option. However, there are different things you can do to connect with our loved one. Letters, gifts, and parcels are a great way of expressing your love.
  • Social media- The internet is an excellent way of sharing information, news, images, and even videos. Most mobile phones can connect to the internet, and you can easily communicate on social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Linkedin.

Besides, social media is not only useful for young people; platforms like Facebook and Pinterest are trendy among the elderly. Setting up a user profile is easy and ensures that you never feel far away from your older person no matter their location.

  • Video chats- A simple phone call may not be enough to connect to your loved one. Luckily, you can now use video chats to not only catch up with your friends but also the older person in your life. For instance, if they own a smartphone, Skype will enable you to do video chats, and this is bound to lift the older person's spirits.

4. Set a routine

There are many ways to connect with the older person in your life, but consistency is also critical. No matter how you do it, setting regular times to catch is an excellent idea, particularly for seniors with memory loss.

Final thoughts

Staying connected with the elderly is an excellent way of showing them that you care. Although you may not visit them often, try out the above ideas and enjoy the great moments no matter the distance. But, remember to be consistent and don't take long without checking on your loved one.

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