Seniors in Wisconsin Try Virtual Reality Technology

Seniors in Wisconsin Try Virtual Reality Technology


Having a mother with Alzheimer’s, Kathy Helgerson wanted to create something that infuses new energy and experiences for elderly people. This is when she created “Simple Steps to Technology,” bringing devices straight into local assisted living facilities in Wisconsin.

La Crosse Tribune reported that Helgerson has started bringing in top of the line technology for residents of the establishment to view and listen to enhanced experiences. "This is a no-brainer," Helgerson said in the article. "We'd make sure we had this technology for the next generation – ours – right? We aren't we doing this now? We need to be taking care of our seniors now."

While not all residents are open to trying this new technology, there are others who are open to the change and willing to give the headphones and goggles a try. The Eversound headsets come with microphones and transmitters, giving users the ability to adjust their volume. This device can even be worn over hearing aids.

Helgerson has seen the excitement in some of these seniors, and has experienced some getting up to dance. She hopes that this equipment will be a way to encourage physical activity and to get the seniors to be a bit more social – since they no longer need to struggle to hear.

"People become isolated because of hearing loss," Helgerson said in the article. "This helps them connect."


The high-tech equipment is giving these Wisconsin residents a chance to explore places they have visited before or have never visited in realistic view. Helgerson notes that the most popular places the residents tend to visit are the drive thru zoo and the puppy playtime virtual realities.  

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Jodelle Maglaya
Jodelle Maglaya

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