Questions To Ask When Selecting An Assisted Living Facility

Questions To Ask When Selecting An Assisted Living Facility


When you are researching assisted senior care for your loved one, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you are taking in. You also may not know if you’re asking the right questions or if you have missed some.

We have put together a list of the most important questions for you to ask when you are searching for assisted care for your loved one.


Does an assisted living facility cost more than private care (bringing care into your home)?

There isn’t a definitive answer to this question. It will simply rely on which assisted living facilities you are looking at, as well as how much private care costs through companies.

If you are considering bringing in private care, you have to to think about other bills and costs, besides the medical and personal help. If you bring in private care to help, there are still payments that need to be made monthly regarding the mortgage, utilities, maintenance of the home, as well as meals.

The personal and medical care costs will depend on how much help your loved one needs. If your loved one needs help with non-medical activities such as driving, shopping or simply companionship, that cost may be different than medical needed costs such as administering medicines.

For assisted living centers, the cost will mainly depend on the level of care your loved one needs. Other things that can affect the pricing include, the size of the room, amount of privacy (shared room vs. private room), and the staff-to-patient ratio. Another factor affecting the cost of assisted senior care in facilities is the location of the facility. Keep in mind the location and cost of living in the different areas you are looking for and keep in mind the different factors that can play a role in the cost.   

How at home will they feel?

If you are looking at assisted living facilities, this question may weigh heavily on your mind. Your loved one won’t be in their own home, nor will they be getting help from family members.

When talking to different facilities, get to know their caregivers and make sure they will truly care for your loved one as if they were their own mom and dad or grandma and grandpa. Also, see if your loved one can bring furniture or items from their home to furnish their room and make it more personalized.

Check to see if your loved one can have some of their favorite meals at the facility prepared by the cooks.
Ultimately, everyone’s level of ‘feeling at home’ can vary and depends solely on your loved one. Get to know what aspects in an assisted facility will make them comfortable and at ease and take that into consideration when researching different places.

Will my loved one be in a safe environment?

Safety is almost always a family's number one concern when putting their loved one into the care of another person (or persons). This can include bringing in someone into the home, or your loved one living in an assisted facility. Always check and make sure whichever form of care you choose, there are background checks on caregivers.

Another form of safety that causes concern is if your loved one faces risks or hazards by living at home. These risks can include, obstacles such as stairs or your loved one living in a remote area where you or your family aren’t in close proximity to come and help if there is an emergency. Concern can also stem from your loved one’s health condition(s). If they have a cognitive disease such as Alzheimer’s, not having around the clock care can pose as risk as your loved one may wander off when there is no supervision.

When looking at facilities, consider their medical care and if they have 24/7 care in the instance your loved one needs to be monitored at all times. Also, make sure to ask what safety measures are put into place to protect your loved one from harm inside and outside of the facility.

Will my loved one get the care they need?

First, make sure you know your loved one’s medical conditions so you can determine what type of medical care they need. Also see what personal care aspects they may need help with. This can include, taking medications, help with bathing/toileting, help preparing food, etc. 


Deciding it’s time for your loved one to go to an assisted living facility or get private in-home care can be a stressful, long process.

Whether you decide to go with a facility or private care, make sure to take into consideration how much it costs, the level of care, how well the caregivers will treat your loved one, and the safety of your loved one.

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Melissa Andrews is the Content Marketing Strategist for Paradise Living Centers, an assisted living center for seniors with locations in Paradise Valley and Phoenix, Arizona. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and going on hiking trips with her siblings and cousins.

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Melissa Andrews

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