Private Care Receives Spotlight During British Prime Minter’s Questions

Private Care Receives Spotlight During British Prime Minter’s Questions


The leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn grilled Prime Minister Theresa May about the quality of private care for senior citizens.  Corbyn cross-examined Prime Minister May about the poor quality of private care on May 23 during Prime Minister’s Questions.

Corbyn invoked a story about a woman who spent hours at her mother’s nursing home because she could not leave her alone there due to poor care.  The outsourcing of public National Health Service (NHS) services to the private sector has been a controversial move.

The Conservative government led by Prime Minister May has favored privatizing the NHS despite its popularity with the United Kingdom.  Corbyn and his Labour Party are vehemently opposed to this privatization and they have claimed that the Conservative government has outsourced £4 billion (approx. $5.4 billion) to the private sector.

Every nursing home is evaluated every three years, but senior care advocates argue that this is not enough.  Senior care factors heavily into Labour’s arguments who say that more needs to be done to ensure that seniors receive the care they need.

Prime Minister May was able to deflect some of Corbyn’s criticisms by saying that her Conservative Party has protected the NHS after every election, and that her party is taking steps to ensure that individuals are receiving the care they need.

The subject of the NHS has long been a hot-button issue within the UK, but it has recently been overshadowed by European politics and the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.  One reason voters decided to leave was they believed more money should be spent within the UK, but if healthcare services are slashed and seniors among other do not receive the proper care, there may be an impending backlash against the decision to leave the EU.


For now, it seems Prime Minister May has continued her streak of deflecting difficult questions about health care and the state of private care in nursing homes, but if her government does not begin to deliver on their promises they will continue to be dogged by these looming crises.

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