Which nursing facilities are provided by Medicaid

Which nursing facilities are provided by Medicaid


Health is the most important issue in human’s life. That is why the government settled medical programs.  Medicaid, one of those, has several nursing homes that provide different services. Some of them are:

  • Skilled nursing, or part of the medical care that relates all the services
  • Rehabilitation, which deals with injuries and illnesses or if someone is disabled
  • Long term care -  something that depends on the mental condition of the patient, and also the physical condition can be one of the factors because this is not available for community needs.

Where and when can be these services found

These facilities can be provided only in nursing homes that are licensed and have certification by the state agency named as NF. This also takes care of a person who is eligible for the medical program but there is a problem with the payment methods.

In some cases, the payment source can be changed, but this does not oblige the patient to transfer to another nursing facility. A lot of the nursing homes also accept private payment is there is a problem with the long-term care insurance. For example, each one who is hospitalized firstly enters in Medicaid NF, and later qualifies for further aid. And if all the assets are exhausted it can pay privately for a long period insurance.  But if the person wants to have some benefit from the nursing home, it has to be Medicaid certified.

Who is eligible for these facilities

Individuals with 21 and older are mentioned by the state authorities as eligible for this Medicaid program.  The number of these services is not limited. They can be used also as home facilities, and are immediately available for all because there is no waiting list. But the state defined the necessity of these facilities and created some criteria level. And the state and the nursing facilities are obliged to meet the needs of the individuals by the federal law and regulations. People who suffer from serious mental illness and disability, are prone to evaluation by the program in order to decide whether they have proper needs.

All the states provide the same services for all the under 21 aged individuals. And the application is necessary for further nursing care facilities, and all the information is provided by the Medicaid agency.

What is the benefit from these services

For some facilities to participate in the Medicaid program must provide a lot of different services, such as specialized rehabilitative services for the mental and physical health of the individuals. There is no specific list of services so one can ask according to the needs.  And the services must be at the highest possible level of practice.

In some cases, the specific needs and services can be shaped but the state needs and the Medicaid plan, and can sometimes be specific to some services or payment methodologies by which the facility is specialized.

There are some federal lists for some requirements that are not to be charger to the residents. Some of them are the nursing services, the medical-related social services, also dietary and pharmaceutical services, emergencies and finally maintaining bed and personal hygiene.

On the other hand, there are some services that residents need to pay for. First, on the list are the private rooms and the specially ordered food. The personal clothes, cosmetics and the reading materials are also part of this list, and the social events that are beyond the activity program.

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