New Cloud Technology Research Finds Benefits for Seniors

New Cloud Technology Research Finds Benefits for Seniors


New European Union research has connected the use of cloud technology and independent living for seniors.  The H2020 In Life project has developed tools for seniors with cognitive impairments to live a healthier and safer life using cloud technology.

Researchers focused on tools that can dynamically change based on their environment and the needs of the user.

A pilot program was tested in six countries with over 2,900 participants.  The variety of locations allowed for the program to be tested in a variety of environments to see how the program would adapt.

In Almelo, the Netherlands, a fitness program was developed to allow seniors to participate in healthy exercise.  The online exercise regime is designed to prevent falls while improving balance and strength.

Overall, researchers found an increase in a small mental-examination score for seniors using the different online programs offered.  The results were “positive and encouraging” for researchers.

Quality of life was improved with the cloud-based program, and “In Life” is hoping to gain access to the market to help cognitively impaired seniors.  Researchers argue the cloud-based technology allows for a low-cost, all-inclusive package for seniors who wish to extend their independent living situation.

Eurostat predicts the number of seniors above the age of 80 will double in the coming decades, so programs that allow seniors to live independently will be of growing interest across the world.  In the United States, we have seen Google and Amazon attempting to break into this market.

However, unlike America’s private forays into this field, “In Life” is funded by the European Commission.  Government dollars put into the initiative of senior independent living indicates the European Union is taking the issue seriously.

Google and Amazon will likely only face private competition in the United States, but as they look to expand into other market, they may have to face already established government programs.  With “In Life”, European seniors may see their independent living ability elongate while American seniors wait on private entities to pick up the slack.


For more information on the “In Life” project, view this pamphlet.

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