Lifestyle Choices That Can Help to Slow the Aging Process

Lifestyle Choices That Can Help to Slow the Aging Process


You have probably met a few of those people that are 70 and still look 50. Not only do they look younger, but they also act more youthful as well. They have more energy and tend to have a more optimistic outlook.

Some of it may be due to genetics, but there are a couple of other reasons behind their good health. Nutritious food, reduced stress levels, and smart lifestyle choices are all responsible.

The key to graceful aging is in maintaining cognitive function, preventing diseases, and conserving your energy levels. By managing your diet, getting enough sleep and rest, and maintaining your muscle mass, you will be able to keep your body at the top of its functionality.

In a book called Younger, written by Sara Gottfried, the author explains how brain neurons lose speed and flexibility as they age. Stressful lives and free radicals may be causing some of that damage. Thus, we need to feed our brains with healthy food and allow time to repair, in other words, sleep.

Another aspect is water. A well-hydrated brain is a healthy brain and dehydration can cause many signs of aging. It can result in fatigue, constipation, increased wrinkles, muddled thinking, and headaches.

Furthermore, omega-3 fatty acids are what we need to build and repair cell membranes. Add B vitamins to that, and you will be able to augment your cognitive function. You can find omega-3 acids in wild salmon, sardines, and fish oil supplements. Look for B vitamins in eggs, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.


Sara Gottfried also mentions that by the age of 50, fifteen percent of muscle mass is lost on average. This results in increased fat mass which can bring on chronic conditions like diabetes. Regular protein consumption from bean, nuts, and chicken combined with exercise will keep fat in check and help to keep your muscle mass at the desired percentage.

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