How Senior Communities Are Slowly Letting Technology Change Living Design

How Senior Communities Are Slowly Letting Technology Change Living Design


Owners, operators, and developers of assisted living communities are continually redesigning urban senior communities to make them more attractive to potential and current residents. Their latest realization is that with smart technology implementation they could make life easier and safer in senior housing communities.

The latest Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit in Berkley, California focused on this change. Operators from Bay Area communities explained how they are closer than ever with new technological features that make everyday tasks easier for the average senior.

With every passing generation of residents, we see more familiarity and acceptance of technology. Today’s residents are easily adapting to new features even though these are not always optimized with larger buttons and fonts. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Met Opera have all found their way into the communities. Apps to locate restaurants or order food are also becoming more popular among residents.

In addition, many older Bay Area residents are easily using transportation apps to request on-demand vehicles or look for buses and trains schedules. According to Senior Housing News, Frank Rockwood, co-founder, and president of real estate services firm Rockwood Pacific said, “We spend a lot of money on parking. We might not be far away from radically changing the design [of senior living communities] based upon how cars work.”

Although most senior residents are capable of using basic features, a resident’s age, abilities, and preferences regarding technology are still things that need to be taken into consideration. Other than memory problems some seniors have privacy concerns. Just when you think most seniors would use Siri as it makes their life easier, think again. Many have concerns about it being on all the time and possibly recording when it should not be. However, there are some that are fully embracing Siri and other technology.


We can expect to continue to see changes in assisted living communities as our lives are shaped by technology. 

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