Here Is How Amazon's Alexa Can Help You

Here Is How Amazon's Alexa Can Help You


Amazon's Alexa can help everyone ease their day-to-day tasks, but even more so for those of us with aging eyes. The reason for this is that Alexa uses voice commands to function. There are no small screens or touchpads. All you need is your voice.

For example, Komando points out that you can ask Alexa to play the radio or read the news. You do not have to go through the hassle of picking up the morning newspaper or hunting down reading glasses. Let Alexa read the news to you while you are preparing your morning coffee.

Another great feature that could surprisingly help those of us who are still a bit technology-phobic is the ability to makes telephone calls with a simple voice command. Sometimes it can be difficult to read a telephone number or to use a touchscreen to get the right numbers dialed. With Alexa, you can speak to people you frequently call without having to fumble around with the phone. Just say, “Alexa, Call Doctor Mark” or “Alexa, call Claire,” and Alexa will do the rest.

One option, in particular, that comes along with this is the ability to message someone for help. Someone living alone or in a big house that it hard to shout across can easily find a use for the “Ask My Buddy” option. If you fall or need assistance with something, all you would need to do is say “Alexa, contact Sam.” If you have set up a personalized message, Sam will get a text message stating that you need help.

Ask Alexa anything you are interested in, such as “Alexa, what is the weather for today?” That and many other features make life easier for everyone and help to keep the mind active.

Although there is more to Alexa, these particular features can help to make life a little easier as we age. After the initial setup, Alexa becomes a useful tool and knowledge source to keep around the house. To control it, you need your voice and nothing more.


You can find Alexa on Amazon. The cheapest one “Echo Dot” goes for $49.99 while the most expensive Alexa with a larger screen costs $229.99.

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