First Chinese Assisted Living Community in Texas Breaks Ground

First Chinese Assisted Living Community in Texas Breaks Ground


Seniors in the Houston area Asian community will now have the option to live in an assisted living facility designed by and for their community.  The announcement comes after over 30 years of efforts to get such facilities off the ground.

Jan Cheng the future CEO of Everspring Assisted Living plans for the facility to be a one-stop shop for senior care.  She also wants it to serve all Americans and already has plans to take her model to the international stage.

The project will take about 10 years to complete, but residents can put in a refundable deposit and receive a discount upon the final construction.  The privately funded facility will cost in the range of $18 to $20 million dollars and will cater to approximately 1,000 residents.

Chang cited the language barrier and cultural similarity as a reason Chinese and other Asian communities might want to live in a home with a more diverse background.  Backers of the plan hope this will decrease social isolation and depression that can be seen in some elderly people.

Chang has experience in the senior care industry as the founder of the Sunshine Community Center, a nonprofit adult day care center that offers a variety of important services to the elderly population in need.

Her experience in this role inspired Chang to develop a more comprehensive solution to the community’s needs, and hence the development for a place where seniors can receive all their care and help in one place.

The model for the new facility is based on On Lok in San Francisco.  This facility model may be helpful for diverse communities looking to bond as they grow old and need more care.  If Chang’s plans come to fruition we may see similar facilities popping up across the United States and world.

For now, Houstonians will have to wait and see as the project is constructed in the next ten years.

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