Dormant Buildings Repurposed to Care Facilities

Dormant Buildings Repurposed to Care Facilities


The demand for 24-hour care, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities is rising as the population ages.  So, dormant and older buildings in the United States and across the globe are being repurposed to fit the needs of an aging population.

The Population Reference Bureau projects the number of Americans over 65 will nearly double in the next 40 years, reaching 98 million people.  This demographic shift will cause a massive strain on the healthcare industry, a strain that is already being felt in America and other countries.

In response to this increased demand, healthcare groups and the senior care industry are looking at innovative solutions to accommodate this growth.  One of the most pressing demands is finding adequate facilities to house and care for the growing number of seniors.

One solution has been to repurpose dormant buildings into healthcare facilities for senior citizens.   New construction is necessary to meet demand, but repurposing can offer a more cost-effective method to meet senior care demand.

One section of dormant buildings is churches or religious buildings.  Some congregations face dwindling numbers and have to close their doors and churches have been repurposed into a variety of purposes including private homes and offices.

In countries with large churches and a dwindling church-going population, dormant churches are increasingly seen as a building that can be repurposed into an assisted living facility or nursing home.

While churches or other dormant buildings may be smaller than some large care facilities, some organizations have seen smaller facilities as a solution to the growing need for senior care.  A tighter-knit community can offer seniors in a home a better quality of life.

The need for new facilities is massive considering predicted demographic shifts, but the quality of care should be at the forefront when considering solutions.  Repurposing smaller, dormant buildings is a piece of a larger solution to quality senior care.

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