Differences Between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Differences Between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living


When your elderly loved one gets to the age where they are in need of extra assistance, you may find yourself looking into nursing homes and assisted living homes for them. Oftentimes, you may feel confused or overwhelmed in choosing the right place for your loved one.

We find an infographic provides a great visual perspective of the differences between different forms of assisted home care


When choosing the right home for your loved one, consider the level of care they need. Assisted homes offer a more independent living situation versus a nursing home which typically offers around the clock care for patients.
Another aspect to look into is the level of privacy available. Talk with your loved one to see if they are comfortable sharing a room with someone or if they prefer having a private room.

Along with the level of privacy, comes the cost of care. A private room will cost less than a shared room, but other aspects such as the level of care and the location of the facility can affect the price.

We’ve created this infographic to help make the decision of placing a loved one into assisted care a bit easier. Make sure you talk with your loved one to see what their needs are and then confirm with whatever facility you go with that they can adhere to their needs and make them feel at home.

Differences Between Assisted Living Homes & Nursing Homes

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Melissa Andrews
Melissa Andrews

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