Understanding diabetes on Aging Adults

Understanding diabetes on Aging Adults


Everyone knows that aging could be difficult due to the health concerns that can spur due to seniors' declining health and mobility. One of the reasons why most seniors need a 24-hour caregiver's supervision is for assistance and help in their medical and non-medical needs.

Planning for a healthy future in your later years is as important as planning for your financial future. Seniors often face a variety of health conditions that can affect their overall quality of life. By learning about the top concerns in seniors, you can make some adjustments to your lifestyle.

Seniors mostly start having cognitive issues once they turn 60. Memory loss could be expected at this age. What you should watch out for is the signs of Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. It's essential to recognize the early warning signs of Alzheimer's, as early intervention and treatment can be essential in slowing the disease's progression.

Older people are also likely to lack the ability of maintaining proper balance. This problem is mostly because of the bone's brittleness and, sometimes, dizziness. Falls can lead to injuries that make older adults more immobile. You can prevent falls by making the house less slippery and getting rid of hazards that can cause people to lose balance.

Not all seniors lose their teeth, but issues like gingivitis that leads to periodontitis, a bacterial infection that affects the gums and bones supporting the teeth, can be expected in older adults. Regular visits to the dentists and the caregiver's assistance should be given so the elder could have great teeth despite their age.

In terms of health concerns, most seniors may suffer from heart disease. It is one of the leading causes of death among people over the age of 60. Having a balanced diet and taking maintenance and supplements can help prevent the risk of having heart disease.

Another primary concern that people should watch out for is diabetes. Some doctors say that diabetes is more dangerous than heart disease or even cancer because of its effects on the human body. Cancer can cause blindness, amputation, kidney problems, and weaker immune systems, to name a few.

Once a person has diabetes, it would be a lifetime of maintenance and insulin shots to still keep living. The best way to stop the disease is if you can prevent it. If you want to know more about diabetes, you can check this infographic from Euro-American Connections and Homecare.


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