Your Dental Emergency Guide

Your Dental Emergency Guide


Have you ever experienced waking up in the middle of the night because of severe tooth pain? Have you had to go home from the office once because of a fractured or broken tooth? These situations call for emergency dental care because they happen at an unexpected time and place.

A dental emergency can happen at any time, day, or place. Dental problems can occur very early in the morning while you’re eating breakfast or late at night, just when you were about to sleep. You can get a toothache while traveling to the office or school, or while you’re away on a weekend trip with friends. These unexpected situations are the reasons why it is vital to keep a copy of your dentist’s contact information.

You might think twice about calling in the middle of the night or after clinic hours, but it is common for dentists to set aside time for unexpected dental situations. Some dentists even regularly remind their patients to immediately get in touch with them in case of an emergency. Also, most dental packages or plans offer emergency care provisions. In some areas or states, local dental organizations often have referral programs for urgent post-clinic hours care.

Aside from your dentist’s contact information, you should also have an emergency dental care kit with you at all times (it can be part of your first aid kit). While waiting for your dentist, you can do some practical remedies for your tooth problem.

Here is an infographic that illustrates tips you can follow during dental emergencies. You’ll also find useful information about how to prevent unexpected dental situations.

Dental Emergency Guide

About the Author:

Dr. Gary Salwin leads the Glendale Dental Group, Arizona. He and his team treat dental emergencies and perform a whole range of dental services. He has been practicing dentistry for more than 36 years.

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Dr. Gary Salwin
Dr. Gary Salwin

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