Crime Prevention for Senior Citizens at Home

Crime Prevention for Senior Citizens at Home


As the presence of crime increases amongst senior citizens, a 74-year-old woman found herself as a victim in a Chicago home invasion.

While sitting in her living room at 6:30pm and watching TV, the victim heard some footsteps coming from the back of her apartment. Before you know it, three men confronted her, pulled out knives and taped her hands and mouth shut.

Some guys came in – three guys, young guys – and asked if she knew what was happening. She thought she knew them, and she said no, and they pulled knives out, and they started taping up her mouth and her hands, and they finally left,” said her daughter, Anganet Johnson to CBS Chicago.

According to police, electronics and other household items were stolen and the robbers fled in a grey-colored car.

Stories of elderly people being robbed, duct taped and sometimes beaten, and killed in home invasions are happening far too often; and this is why we leave you with some tips on crime prevention for senior citizens at home.

  • Don’t hide those extra keys under a flower pot or doormat
  • Use deadbolt locks on exterior doors and keep doors locked at all times
  • Get locks or a security device for those sliding glass doors and windows
  • When someone rings the doorbell, don’t open the door, use the viewer to see who it is
  • Keep valuable possessions in a safe deposit box or tucked away out of view

These tips will reduce the opportunities for robbers and can help protect your loved ones from a devastating experience.

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Jodelle Maglaya
Jodelle Maglaya

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