Chess as a Tool to Prevent Dementia

Chess as a Tool to Prevent Dementia


A recent study looking into the relationship between active participation in brain activities and dementia found that odds of developing dementia were significantly lowered by stimulating brain games.

The study was conducted by observing Chinese seniors who play cards or read books.  One of the key findings being that continuing or starting these activities in the later stages of life may lessen the chance of an individual developing dementia.

The findings may be very important to how dementia is prevented as it is a huge health concern across the globe.  There is a variety of research that presents data pointing toward active brain activities can improve cognitive functions and help reduce stress.

Chess is one of the world’s favorite games and a fun, engaging activity to stimulate the brain.  Its simple rules and competitive spirit make chess an easy game to pick up, and its depth allows for a nearly infinite amount of possibility.

Another recent study into the effects of chess playing found that elite chess competitors have a longer lifespan than the general population.  The results could be down to a variety of factors including a potential higher standard of living amongst top chess players, but the data is promising for those looking to use chess as a way to alleviate the pressures of old age.

Chess in nursing homes and assisted living facilities can be a great way to encourage residents to participate in active brain activities, and it can serve as a new method to creating a community within homes.

While at the later stages in life one might not be able to acquire the title of Grandmaster, chess has the potential to encourage more healthy habits and may aid in preventing the development of dementia.

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Alec Pronk
Alec Pronk

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